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Well my letter from OHSU finally came. I have been put on the alternate list. I guess that is better than getting a rejection letter but I have no idea what my chances of being moved up to being accepted are. I am just... Read More

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    The letters of acceptance are arriving from OHSU for the 2012 OCNE program. I am looking to connect with other students who will be attending the Portland campus in the Fall of 2012.

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    Hi there jeh212... I will be right there with you in September. Got accepted to OHSU and PCC today - but OHSU is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I am wondering about starting a FB group to connect there. I think the Acc program has one for the new cohort. Do you know how many people were accepted for the OCNE program?
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    If you by chance see this post....why did you decide not to go there?
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    Hi - Chris, To answer your question regarding the number of students, I understand that there are 24 for the 2012 selection. Congratulations on your acceptance, and I will see you in September.

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