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Well my letter from OHSU finally came. I have been put on the alternate list. I guess that is better than getting a rejection letter but I have no idea what my chances of being moved up to being accepted are. I am just... Read More

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    Quote from kmdguy
    It makes me wonder if the best way to go about getting a BSN if you don't have a prior degree, is to go out and first get a bachelor's degree in anything, then come back, do your pre-requisites and then apply. There is physically no way to get high points, even with a 4.0 GPA, without having a prior degree which describes my situation. That's sort of a wink and a nod way of the school saying "you NEED a prior degree" without making it a mandatory thing on paper. A 4.0 GPA just puts you point-wise right at the cut off for consideration, or just a smidge below it. A CNA with a couple of years of work experience might be good for a point or two, but having another full degree will make the difference it seems.
    Yeah, I got the CNA for the 'extra point' but in no way could afford to do the work. It would have been a serious cut in income. The problem is that so many people are grasping at straws for a job that pays a living wage in today's economy. A lot have looked to nursing to make that happen. A few years ago one could get an associates degree in nursing, pick up a job and be good to go, but not today. For the most part now a BSN is required to get a foot in the door. Seriously at this point I'm second guessing my interest in nursing in spite of all the effort I put into getting the 3.9GPA and the CNA. I could get a post bach in software engineering with half the headache involved. Moreover, people would be knocking down my door to have me work for them.

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    For anyone wanting to know the update on OHSU Apps, like me, here is an email they sent me back in reply to my question. It's close!

    Thank you for contacting the OHSU School of Nursing.Letters for the OCNE Fall 2011 cohort should go out mid/late May.I hope this information is of help.Thank you,Office of AdmissionsOHSU School of Nursing
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    THANKS for the info! I am curious to see what happens, though not very hopeful.
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    Thanks for the info...I'm getting nervous!
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    I'm also a hopeful applicant to OHSU. I have a decent GPA, 3.8'ish, previous degree, and have worked as a phlebotomist/MA for the past year getting patient care hours. It's kind of getting scary now, I've avoided thinking about getting accepted or not until now. From what I'm reading, it sounds like nothing is a sure thing - they take all kinds of different people. I had initially stated I wanted Portland as my first choice, but would be willing to go to other campuses if need be, but I've since purchased an apartment in Portland and am realizing I won't be able to drive the 5 hours to Ashland should I get accepted there. I'm kind of worried!
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    I am honored and ecstactic to report that I've been accepted for the Fall of 2011 (Portland)!!! For some people wondering, it was the typical large envelope that arrived yesterday in the mail. I completely understand how intense this waiting period can be and, in my own small way, would like to provide whatever insight I can. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Warmest regards to all you brave applicants out there!! Don't worry too much, luck has a tendency to favor the brave.
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    Congratulations Perkinje (love your nic BTW), I'll be joining you too at OHSU this fall
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    Congratulations you two! I just got a rejection letter (as so many of us who applied did). I met someone at my CCC interview yesterday who got on the alternate list for OHSU Portland and she was even a non-native English speaker, so she did really well to get a spot as an alternate! What things do you think helped you guys be one of the 32 chosen for the program?
    I'm hoping to hear good news from one of the three other schools I applied to!
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    Congrads Perkinje & kmdguy! I still have no idea whether I am in or not It's probably in my mailbox, but I am actually in Peru visiting my Dad. So I am like freaking out not knowing if I got in or not :S I think I might have to have a friend hack into my mailbox and tell me herself. But I actually might have to wait a week till I get back. AH THE AGONY! Awesome job you guys! Hopefully I got into Portland Campus too. Fingers crossed!
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    Hi Katinthehat, thanks... I honestly can't say if there was anything specifically that helped me get in, other than the fresh baked apple pie that I dropped off to the nursing admissions staff Heh, really, I'm not sure. I had a 4.0 on everything going in, but I'm 46 and my essay was able to talk about my life experience with various issues of health that everyone inevitably deals with by this age with friends and family. I have no prior health experience, but I did own a company that produced forensic animation and courtroom demonstrative evidence, much of which was anatomical-based, perhaps they liked that I worked in that type of science. Perhaps they liked that I gave up that career to focus on nursing instead. Perhaps taken as a whole, they liked my grades, my age (life experience), my professional background and successful business career as a CEO, my experience with international adoption, wife's breast cancer, etc. and added it all up and gave them a warm, fuzzy. I really don't know what made the difference in my case.

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