OHSU acceptances/alternates

  1. As OHSU had just sent out all their letters, I thought I'd start a thread about it.

    I am a 27 year old student who figured out a little later than some that I wanted to go into nursing and have spent the last 2 years doing my prerequisites.

    Today I received a letter from OHSU that I'm on their alternate list. I originally applied to the Ashland campus but am going to mark that I will go wherever there is a spot open if my number comes up. I've gone through a bunch of rejections, so I was super excited that I am at least close to accepted at OHSU. I was starting to feel dejected and frustrated.

    anyone else out there in my same shoes our maybe got into OHSU? If so congrats and if not my advice would be to not give up hope. Hoping a spot opens up for me!
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  3. by   happiness123
    I was put on the waiting list as well and marked that I would like to be considered to any program, not just the one I applied to--the OIT/KFalls campus. I read on another thread that they would call you between now and the week before class starts! That's so much time and waiting! Has anyone been accepted who is not taking their spot? Just curious....
  4. by   buttercupp85
    I agree that it's so much time! I mean technically we might only have a week to quit our jobs, and move to a new place wherever a spot opens up! I'm hoping that people who get in will want to give up their spot to go to a cc because it's more affordable our that they applied other places and got scholarships or other people on the waiting list only want to be on the waiting list for the Campus they applied for. I have known people to give up their OHSU spot for all these reasons. My friend was in the waiting list for grad school and she was telling me that schools downplay the chances of getting off the waitlist. She got off her waitlist. So I still have hope!
  5. by   portland medic
    I received my letter this last Saturday informing me I'm on the alternate list. I applied to the Portland campus, but checked I would be willing to go to any campus. The admissions lady I talked to yesterday said "I know it's too bad that we can't tell you where you are on the list, but people get accepted from it every year, so you have a good chance." Still doesn't quell my anxiety though. I would go to any of the OHSU campuses if I was offered a spot and didn't get into either PCC or CCC (Clackamas), as I would really prefer to stay in Portland. MHCC already rejected me.
  6. by   Reid
    I'm a bit surprised that we've only heard from one person who got in. I'd love to hear from more. I am on the alternate list and I'm very hopeful. I'm trying not to be too hopeful, though, for obvious reasons, but it is what it is. Thanks again for sharing your conversation with the OHSU admissions office, Portland Medic. I know they didn't give you much information, but her words do give us some hope.

    Fingers crossed for all of us.
  7. by   happiness123
    Which campus did everyone apply to? I'm kinda kicking myself for choosing OIT because they only have 16 spots
  8. by   buttercupp85
    I applied to Ashland, but am currently located in Klamath falls and spent the last two years taking prerequisites and classes from OIT. I wanted a change in scenery and Ashland takes more people and there's a better chance for me to work in my interest area (peds and babies). I applied to the K falls campus last year and got rejected - but I was still taking prerequisites and this year I was done with prerequisites. I'm hopeful that I'll get that call - I know you're ranked according to your prerequisite GPA, grades in a&p, and essay grade. I have a 3.85 GPA and got all A's in a&p, so I'm just hoping that I did well on the essay. Keep up hope everyone, and let us know if anyone gets a call. I'll do the same. I turned in my letter today saying I'll take whatever spot opens up
  9. by   she-ra919
    Reid - I was just accepted to OHSU (Ashland) after landing on the RCC (Medford) alternate list at #3. I had a 4.0 at the time of application, but that was with the bare minimum of prerequisites completed. I didn't even come close with my CCC application. There were a lot of points I failed to earn at having not completed A&P and the rest of my prerequisites. My best guess is that my previous bachelors degree (2 points, right?) and my essay must have bumped me up enough to get one of those slots. I chose to apply to Ashland over the Portland campus because I figured the odds were better. Best wishes to everyone on the alternate list and don't give up hope!!
  10. by   Reid
    Hi she-ra919,

    Thanks for posting and congratulations! Good luck in the program!
  11. by   buttercupp85
    Someone on another thread said they're turning down their Portland OHSU spot... So that's one!
  12. by   nedwards4
    Its so nice to hear from everyone. I got in to OHSU - Monmouth. But I wanted to let everyone know that I was wait listed at Linfield and did get a call from them. Class for them starts June 4th which was a little too soon for me and also its 80,000 plus in terms of cost (I respectfully declined their offer). If anyone knows anything about the OHSU- monmouth program I would love to hear it. Keep ur head up...this was my 3rd year applying.
  13. by   Sartorius1
    nedwards, I hope I'm not prying, but would you mind sharing what (if anything) you changed each application year?
  14. by   happiness123
    nedwards--I assume you were waitlisted for Linfield ABSN? If so, do you know what number you were on the waitlist, if you don't mind me asking...