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As OHSU had just sent out all their letters, I thought I'd start a thread about it. I am a 27 year old student who figured out a little later than some that I wanted to go into nursing and have... Read More

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    Its so nice to hear from everyone. I got in to OHSU - Monmouth. But I wanted to let everyone know that I was wait listed at Linfield and did get a call from them. Class for them starts June 4th which was a little too soon for me and also its 80,000 plus in terms of cost (I respectfully declined their offer). If anyone knows anything about the OHSU- monmouth program I would love to hear it. Keep ur head up...this was my 3rd year applying.
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    nedwards, I hope I'm not prying, but would you mind sharing what (if anything) you changed each application year?
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    nedwards--I assume you were waitlisted for Linfield ABSN? If so, do you know what number you were on the waitlist, if you don't mind me asking...
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    I got accepted to both RCC and OHSU (Ashland). I will be declining OHSU tomorrow since RCC is my first choice. So one of you on the alternate list is surely getting my spot soon. Good luck to everyone and all you people on the alternate list, please do not lose hope!
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    Okay, so, I'm just going to put this out there...

    Don't think less of me for it...

    Here it is...


    That is a ridiculously cool screen name.

    Congrats on getting in to your program!
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    Congrats yayforscience! And thanks for the update

    I'm crossing our fingers for us all.

    Someone on another thread said that someone who was rejected got called last year and told there was a spot for him. I'm assuming that would only happen if all the alternates were already called. So I think there is hope for all of us
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    Thanks for not thinking of my screen name as "nerdy", Reid!!!
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    Hi Buttercupp85- Thanks for your msg...:spin:
    I had also heard some very interesting admissions stories. For example, last year, almost 20 people from the alternate list were able to make it to the RCC program. There have also been instances when people were called up on the first day of classes to be told that a spot has become available for them. So there is always hope. And if things don't work this year, there is always next year… I believe if nursing is truly your passion, you somehow make your way into the program one way or another.
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    Anyone hear anything about when OHSU will start calling people? I'm guessing after May 25th because that's when people are supposed to have mailed their decision in by
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    I would suspect a little bit after the 25th to allow for postmark dates. They may also make phone calls to people who don't reply by the deadline just to make sure. That would still put notifications around the first of June, so I'll start getting antsy around then.

    That said, it seems like there was a longer delay for the accelerated program between the original notification and the first day of phone calls. I hope we don't have to wait much into June, but ya never know.

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