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Did anyone else receive an acceptance letter from OHSU today? My wife and I were both accepted to University of Portland in March, and she just received her OHSU acceptance letter today (I didn't apply there unfortunately).... Read More

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    Quote from gracefulc
    I had a mix-up regarding financial aid with U of Portland which required me to call their admissions office and be sure my acceptance letter wasn't lost in the mail. They informed me that all acceptance letters had been mailed 2 weeks ago (3 weeks now) and they were compiling a wait list. They were hoping to send the wait list and decline letters out by the start of this week (apr.4).

    I received a rejection from OHSU today and to say the least I am quite dissapointed as I have now been rejected from 2 of 4 universitys I applied to and I doubt I will get in to Linfield or Seattle U since I didn't get in to the other two. May I inquire as to what kinds of experience and GPA those of you who were accepted to OHSU and UofP had? If you would prefer not to say, I understand. I'm just trying to figure out what it's going to take for me to get in!
    Don't despair, I got accepted at U of P but I called them to decline, so there's one more spot available for somebody else! My GPA is 3.83 cumulative and I just have a little bit of volunteer experience at a hospital. All my prereqs were at 4.0 though. I'm older (39) and have a prior degree in HR Management but I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past 14 years. You'll get in somewhere - keep positive thoughts.
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    I applied to both the BSN program and a Grad Entry program at OHSU and they put me on the alternate lists for both programs. I think I have decided to go to New York University instead because the program is only 15 months. I just want to be a nurse. I never thought it would be this difficult to do something that's so common and in such demand. It's nursing, not medical school! I talked to a girl in my Anatomy class who has a degree in biology and has worked as a nursing assistant for years. She had a 3.8 GPA in her prerequisites and got declined from OHSU. I only had a 3.4 so I feel lucky to have even gotten on the list. I guess the upside is that with all the competition, at least there will be some smart nurses out there.
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    Does anyone know then OHSU acceptance letters go out for fall 12??
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    I called the admissions office at OHSU and the lady told me acceptance letters would be sent out in May. She wouldn't say whether it was earlier in the month or later.

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