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OHSU ABSN 2013 Applicants

  1. 0 I didn't see a thread.....although it is quite early yet for some to be thinking about the upcoming application session. I am a senior at Marylhurst/PCC, will be graduating Spring 2013 and applying to OHSU, Duke, and John Hopkins this Fall.

    Anyone current students that have advice? Anyone who just applied have any tips for the application? Anyone else applying?

    Good Luck to those taking Summer courses!
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    It is still very early ... but I am excitedly looking ahead . Just six more month and I can submit my application - I have to wait for my fall grades to post.
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    Mamakac, why are you deciding to go for ABSN programs? I ask because I am in a similar boat..I could have my bachelors by next summer, but am unsure if it's really worth it at this point. I wonder if I should just finish nursing pre-reqs and forget about my public health degree.
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    I decided to stick with my first BA program because I have a lot personally invested in it, and I also wanted to do an ABSN program since I could be done and working in a lot less time; than if I were to apply to a BSN program through OHSU.

    I would say if you can afford it, that a public health degree will only give you an advantage when applying to nursing schools, and later on when working, too. They are really friendly at the admissions office, so you might even just drop them an e-mail and see what they think, too.

    I am also waiting until Fall grades post That is when I am taking my final A and P!
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    Thanks for the input, mamakac! Where are you taking A&P? I go to PCC as well and will be taking 233 this fall! Yay!
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    I am taking all my pre-reqs (as far as science courses) at PCC Sylvania. When I spoke with OHSU admissions, they said they thought that PCC was the best among the comm. colleges and schools around here when it came to pre-reqs, and I am able to be co-enrolled there and at Marylhurst.

    I am taking 232 now-- have my first lab quiz today, eeeeek! I am glad to see that my 231 lab instructor, --------------, is teaching most of the Fall 233 labs. --------------is the only one teaching lecture in the Fall, although I have not personally taken a course from her, I have heard great things about her from fellow classmates.

    I also plan on taking more science courses to maybe give me somewhat of an edge? I plan to take next year pathophysiology, human genetics (as a course by itself), and I have taken all the Health Education courses offered at PCC. I also plan to go through the American Red Cross to gain my CPR/First Aid certifications, too.
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    Ah! I totally missed your last post. How did 232 go??
    I think I know which professor you're referring to (since her name was blanked out) and I hear she is wonderful.
    Good luck to you, and I'm sure we'll catch up once we start out applications!
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    Mamakac, I would not worry about your CPR/first aid certification until you know you're in a program or you get closer to a start date. unless you need it for something else in your life. In that case you should get the BLS for a healthcare providers through the American Heart Association because that is what you'll need for the program. Keep in mind that certifications only last for two years so if you were to get it now it would expire before you graduate (if you got in at OHSU).
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    I applied last spring and am starting in the fall cohort for ASBN at OHSU, it's kind of their secret cohort <br><br>My advice is write a memorable and outstanding essay.&nbsp; I am one of many who beat out people with higher GPAs.<br>I'd say consider this TED talk when writing your inspiring awesome essay and good luck!<br><br>TED Blog | How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek on TED.com
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    tigerlogic: thanks for the advice and the awesome TED talk link (aren't those talks amazing?)

    When I went to the open house they discussed that they were opening up the Fall term permantley now, good news for me! I would rather start in the Summer, but I would take either as long as I get in!

    What do you think of the program thus far?

    Any more application advice- I am pretty solid GPA wise and pre-req grade wise, but I want to ensure that my essays come off incredible as I can make them. I feel like in an interview I would be much better than just writing words on a paper....

    Also started my applications online and gathering things for Duke and Hopkins. Also considering a MPH at OHSU or PSU for a back-up if I am not accepted anywhere.
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    232 is alright-- summer courses are always so different and hard to adjust to, but the material to me was easier than 231. I am hoping to finish well and advance to my final term, 233!
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    So how are everyone doing with their applications?

    I just received my final transcript and am almost done with my essay ... application deadline will be here before we know it :-)
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    dkmamato3 i've turned mine in so glad its done with

    i also wanted to ask people that have already turned their applications in
    are we supposed to receive some kind of confirmation that they received our postal mail package (signiture page, transcripts, etc.) or are we supposed to hope they got everything...

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