Nursing pay in Portland!!

  1. hello everyone,
    i'm a pediatric nurse with three years experience on an adolescent med/surge unit. i have a two year nursing degree and am a licensed rn.

    my husband and i are considering moving to the portland area (from northern virginia) and i'm wondering what nursing salaries are in the area. i can't seem to get any nurse recruiters to tell me over the phone.

    any help would be appreciated.

    thank you,
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  3. by   annreese
    pay here is more or less commensurate with experience, there is also (at least at my facility) a preference for BSN's, I only only one ASN here. In addition I would say the job market in portland is becoming more competitive for nurses, I think OHSU just froze hiring and its been restricted at a few other. The average salary in portland is 51K a year for nurses according to the article I read, so youll probably be close to that. Keep in mind we have a pretty high cost of living here.
  4. by   Nightcrawler
    Pm me and I will give you more information.
  5. by   memlz233
    from what i've seen it goes from 30-45 an hour, depending on experience and specialty. but providence health systems just froze any new hiring, and i think that a few other hospitals have too, because of the economy. good luck to you though.
  6. by   romie
    This is suprising because according to a fairly recent publication that took into account the cost of living index, Oregon scored #11 out of all of the states as the best place to work in the US. I know that the pay in Chicago stinks and we have an even higher cost of living. 11% sales tax, and the cheapest house you can buy in a decent low crime neighborhood but is a little tiny box is going for more than a half a million. The only nurses I know in Chicago who are home owners work every single day, double shifts often in hosptials or in LTC.
    I heard you can still buy a house for 200K in Portland. A friend of mine found a $30 an hour job in a small town near portland. Sure beats the hell out of Chicago's 24.50 average starting wage (base).