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    this may be changing though. call the OSBN. On July 1st, they were planning to make a change where RNs could work as CNA2 without having to take the $800 course for stuff they learned in nx school. might be better to work as a CNA2 rather than sitting at home with an unused RN license. at least its a job and you can get expereince and networking that way. luckily, i didn;t have to do this but I was certainly open to it, if I had had to go that route...

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    Try to get a CNA or tech position to get your foot in the door (and don't rely on *only* online apps). Also, network...nurses, doctors, HR, professional organizations, clubs, anyone/anything related to the profession who may be able to bring your name up...all the better if they have some clout. In these times, who you know can make all the difference. Also, volunteer work will help you to establish a reputation as well as helping you to network. If hospitals won't let you volunteer as an RN, try some place that WILL let you. If you're allowed to volunteer as an RN, it will also keep your skills honed. Meanwhile, also start working on additional education. LOL and lastly, don't vote Dem...Dems tend to destroy economies which is never good for workers! (Actually, this recession has been in the making for a number of yrs, but if you research it, a lot of it had to do with Dem Congress during the Bush era and before - mostly to do with their housing programs including effects on banks...once the housing market went south, everything else followed.)
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    The new grad situation in Portland, Oregon is horrible. I have been here since early May, graduated with a BSN from one of the top nursing schools in the country and can't find work. It's downright depressing.
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    Quote from StSchulz
    I will graduate in May and plan to move to Portland since I have friends there and really like the area. Here in DE there is only one big and one smaller hospital and they are not hiring.
    Any changes since the previous post in May?

    Honestly, a lot of people want to move to Portland right now and we have absolutely NO shortage of nurses. It's really hard to find a job. It's frustrating for people like me who are Oregonians, born and raised, and now we have to move away from our families because outsiders think Portland is quaint and want to move here and get jobs. If you live in an area where there is a shortage, my advice would be to stay there and make it easy on yourself and the Oregonians who are in the midst of an urban gentrification.
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    I graduated in June 2011 but didn't pass NCLEX until November. There are a TON of RN jobs in the Portland area...Providence alone currently has 104....but everywhere I look there are NO New Grad positions and no one is hiring new grads. It is frustrating beyond belief! Depressing to think that here I sit with a degree in Nursing yet having to consider returning to work as a Systems Analyst.....the job I had before I went back to school. Feeling like the last 4 yrs of my life were a waste of time...:uhoh21::uhoh21:
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