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    Hello everyone,

    Is there anyone out there who has information on Mt Hood's LPN program? I am thinking about applying for the entry in spring 2012. Please let me know how competitive it is in comparison to their RN program. Like are there still a lot of people trying to get into the LPN program or the RN program? What are the competitive points? I'm just trying to see if I even stand a chance....



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    Last year they didn't have enough applicants to fill the positions in the program. Everyone eems to be forgetting about the LPN program and going straight for the RN program. I have a friend that was planning to apply for the RN last year, but she got a tip about the LPN program the day before the deadline and decided to do that and try to bridge later. She's half way through the program now and she seems to be enjoying it.
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    thank you so much for replying! I didn't get accepted into clark this year with 37 points. I think their cutoff was 42 or something. So I'm really interested in the LPN to RN to BSN bridging process. It is good to know that last year they didn't have enough applicants to fill the LPN program. Part of the problem with most schools especially the comm colleges is that everyone is trying to get in since it's way cheaper than going straight into a BSN program at a university.

    I am going to attend the LPN information session tomorrow at 4pm hopefully I can find out more info!
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    If you are planning to bridge later, make sure you check out your options now. The sciences and math have an expiration date (I think 7 years). MHCC has info about their bridge program on the website, but according to my friend it isn't actually up and running. Also, the process for getting accepted is INSANE. Make sure you check it out before making your decision. Walla Wallas Portland campus does have a bridge program and they don't require the 1000 LPNhours like MHCC. Have you thought about reapplying to Clark in the fall? The October 1st deadline is much easier to get into. I think last year people down to 43 points got in (but you would want to check the website for the exact #'s). If you are interested in doing the LPN thing, I say go for it. If you are using it as a stepping stone to the RN, you might want to work on your plan before you jump in. It would be aweful to get throught and then not find a bridge program. Good luck in whatever you decide! I hope the info session tomorrow gives you lots of good info to make your choice!
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    Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to look into it and ask questions at the info session tonight. I do believe Lower columbia in longview, wa accepts mt hood but I am not 100% sure.

    as far as reapplying to clark and stuff I will have to retake a couple classes to get that A, which is just driving me crazy to even think about doing. But IDK lol
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    Good luck today! Sorry!!! I was mixing up MHCC's numbers with Clarks. Last year people got accepted down to 33 points (not 43). That means you would have a REALLY good shot!!! They have so many less people apply for the October 1st deadline because the don't know about it. It says they only had 115 applicants and I think they take around 50. I hope this all helps! Good luck today!
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    Im reading these posts and wondering did you (or anyone) go thru the mhcc LPN program? What was your schedule like and are you doing the bridge program?
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    your post was over a year ago and Im wondering what did you end up doing....
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    Hello! I am currently finishing my third quarter at mhcc lpn program. Next quarter will be my last thank god! It's an ok program....disorganized, clinicals are somewhat boring just because we weren't allowed to do very seemed like cna stuff which did not challenge me much since I work as a cna on a med surg floor at the hospital. Still learning a lot though. You definitely have to be self motivated as it is mostly distance learning. Ask me more questions if you'd like .
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    What exactly were the hours like? I am starting in march and they have been unclear about the actual hours. how often is class, and how often is the clinical? How difficult was the program and how much time did you spend studying? thanks!

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