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Has anyone taken the online Microbiology at Clackamas Community College? Was it fully online, or were there on campus meetings? I have taken Micro in the past, but it expired this past spring, so I... Read More

  1. by   SoCalNursingStudent

    I ended up taking the course at Clackamas Winter 2010. It was a 10 week class. Very, Very, Very fast pace. Self Study, so you will have to self regulate and self motivate. There were so many nights I would have to stay up all night to finish the assignments. The assignments seem easy but, they are all very time consuming. This is a regular semester class (16 weeks crammed into a 10 week class)

    Reading assignments only (for lecture) with specific page numbers, Lab manual from school is a must. Weekly Preprep/Objective questions Weekly discussion boards and Weekly pathogen reports and Weekly Labs. Some weeks have multiple labs or a lab with a series of lab parts. There is alot of work ( I would say study 20-30 hours/week).

    The exams need to be proctored so find yourself a proctor before enrolling. You can use 5th edition text book but page numbers will not correspond to the 6th ed text assigned pages. Instructor can give you 5th ed text pages to read but subject will not be listed next to the page numbers.

    Exams and Quizes can be very hard. Lots of short answer and multiple choices with long winded answers but only a short amount of time is given for the exams.

    Extra Credit is sometimes offered.

    Instructor is very responsive. She can be reached by phone , email or discussion board. Lab Manual is very hard to follow since some parts of the instructions are online, and some are in the lab manual. I think out of our class of 60 we ended up with about 15 students that finished the course.

    Lab kit is provided by the school and you dont get them until the 4th or 5th week of the term.

    Hope this helps.

    So Cal
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    Quote from brendalwelch
    Hi, very interesting reading of Micro at Clackamas. I too am interested in taking this course online there. I'm wondering if anyone who has taken this course has an opinion on whether it's smarter to take this class online vs in class at my local community college. It's the first class with a lab that I'm considering online and I'm nervous. I've taken classes with lab at my local CC and gotten A's but not sure about online (though I am disciplined).

    Also, what is the proctoring process like for this class at Clackamas? Can I just provide professor XXXXX with an email address of my professor at my local community college, or do I have to go to an approved test site? I'd really like to provide my professor's email address because she lets me take the test in her office during office hours (much more convenient for me).

    Thanks for any responses!
    Some of the concepts could have been better understood with a lecture (in class) but if you just repeat the steps over and over. It gets implanted in your head.

    The proctor can be at a local library or anywhere. But you must provide the proctor name and email so that the instructor can send them the emailed password to open the exams. Some places will charge a fee (like my local library)

    Labs at home were ok. The kit takes about 1 shelf of your fridge. You need a digital camera to take pictures of your petri dishes. Also be able to scan in documents that you drew/ cut out for certain projects.

    I am sure you will do fine if you got As in your other classes. It really depends on how you learn. If you can read and are able to absorb without a demonstration, you will do fine. If you need hand holding, this is probably not the course.

    I took this class along with 6 others this semester. Wow, did not really sleep but I got through it. My labmate got an A and I got a B. I may take it again to be more competative.
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    I don't see an online Micro course offered at CCC for this summer (2010)... is there one?