MHCC Alternates 2012

  1. 0 Hey, just wanted a place for those who are MHCC alternates, so we can see how the list is moving, who is going where, and when calls are going out. I'm in the 20s, and pretty confident about the position since they move through about 40 applicants every year.

    Who else is waitlisted for MHCC this year, and at what position?
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    Hi. I'm waitlisted at #9. I haven't heard anything and am just hoping it's SOON. The waiting is killing me!
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    Hey Sue, any news so far now that other acceptance letters have gone out?
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    Nope--I'm wondering how long we're going to have to wait! I have my interview at CCC tomorrow. Was rather hoping that I wouldn't have to go that one--oh well...better safe than sorry, right?
    Let me know if you hear anything from MHCC? Do you know how we will hear? Email or call?
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    Last year I was notified via a phone call, but they seem to be switching everything to email this year. I received my interview acceptance by snail mail last year. If MHCC is your #1 choice, I really don't think you have to worry being #9, they've always moved through more than 30 alternates, and usually 40. I think the draw back this year is they had notification requirements before any other acceptances were even sent out, so everyone would've said yes. I expect once we start hearing back from CCC, and since PCC was sent out the past couple of days, we'll hear in the next couple of weeks. Other than that, last year at the June Meeting, over 10 people didn't show up, and spots were given at that moment to alternates. They were through over 20 alternates at the end of the meeting. When they say mandatory, they mean it. By the end of June they had moved through a good 30 people.
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    Hey guys!

    I am also an alternate for MHCC. I'm waaay down on the list though and not really expecting to get in this year, but ya can't help but hope. It is my first year applying to nursing schools so I wasn't really expecting much to begin with. I'm sure you both will get in soon! Congratz to you two and let me know when you get your notifications! Hope it's soon!
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    Has anyone heard anything back about how the list is moving, or if it is moving?
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    Called them 2 seconds ago, and they have moved up 13 people so far This is GREAT compared to last year.... last year they were at this number about 2-3 weeks in (and they went through 43 of the 45 alternates)
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    That is soooo encouraging to hear!!! It gives me a ray of hope! Hopefully you should be getting a call/email soon!
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    I got a call today offering me a place in the Fall term. I was #9. Turned it down (I decided to go with Clackamas) so there's another space. Good luck everyone!
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    Congratz cakkysue63 I wish you the best of luck!!!

    Emmyers did you apply to any other schools or is MHCC it?
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    Congratz cakkysue63 I wish you the best of luck!!!&nbsp;<br><br>Emmyers did you apply to any other schools or is MHCC it?
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    Meals, I did, I applied at, and was accepted at CCC, but I turned it down for my alternate spot MHCC.... how about you?

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