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Hey, just wanted a place for those who are MHCC alternates, so we can see how the list is moving, who is going where, and when calls are going out. I'm in the 20s, and pretty confident about the... Read More

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    Thanks Niska!

    Before the meeting, at about 3pm, I called in to find out how the list was moving, and it has moved through 22 spots now! Getting close! Depending on today's turnout, I have a good chance of getting my spot!
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    emmeyers,I have been thinking about you, and really hope you get a spot!
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    Awe thanks! That was sweet!
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    I was just offered a spot at MHCC for Fall Term and accepted! I was number 28, good luck everyone!
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    Congratulations emmyers!!! This is very exciting news! It also give me some hope. Did they contact you by phone or email?
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    the called me the next morning after the meeting at 9:30am, and with a verbal confirmation, she then sent me the email that required me to confirm in writing via email response.
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    Ok, that's good to know. I'm guessing they won't be calling in anymore alternates until after the deadline for all the paperwork... August 31st is far away...

    Again congratulations!!! I wish you the best of luck this fall, you will do amazing!!!
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    So stoked for you!!! Pretty awesome that you stuck it out for the school you wanted!


    Don't give up hope, try and get all your vaccinations done and your CPR stuff done before the August deadline just in case they never know!

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    Thank you for the words of encouragement! I have most of my vaccinations done with and I have my CPR done with but have to renew it in a month or so. I'll be prepared. Just hope it pays off...