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Hey, just wanted a place for those who are MHCC alternates, so we can see how the list is moving, who is going where, and when calls are going out. I'm in the 20s, and pretty confident about the position since they move through... Read More

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    clatsop cc is actually very competitive, I have a friend who was a 4.0 student getting pre reqs, who tried to get in there 2 years in a row, but was later on accepted at OHSU instead. Not sure where you heard it was easy, but it is definitely not, and is very competitive.

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    I've heard Clatsop and Rogue are "easier" to get accepted to only because they typically have less applicants than PCC and other Portland-metro schools. Not to say any of these schools are easier to get into than others. Meals, this will be my first year applying anywhere. It's been a long time coming and I'm going to apply EVERYWHERE. Except for UP because I've avoided chemistry... If I don't get in anywhere, I'll take chem, reapply everywhere and apply to a few out of state schools. I've got a Plan B, Plan C, etc! Lol
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    Hey, so my email was recently compromised, and as I was freaking out deleting a bunch of messages, I deleted the one that had our mandatory meeting on it for MHCC. If I remember correctly it was the 26th of June, at 6pm... not sure of which room (although I remember it being on Gresham campus). Can anyone confirm this for me? Thanks!
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    hi emmyers,

    your correct orientation is tuesday june 26th, 6-9pm on the main campus in room ac1710.

    have a good night!

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    Thanks Niska, really appreciate it!
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    Just wanted to say good luck to all the waitlisters...hopefully some spots will be open for you tonight at orientation!! See you there!
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    Thanks Niska!

    Before the meeting, at about 3pm, I called in to find out how the list was moving, and it has moved through 22 spots now! Getting close! Depending on today's turnout, I have a good chance of getting my spot!
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    emmeyers,I have been thinking about you, and really hope you get a spot!
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    Awe thanks! That was sweet!
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    I was just offered a spot at MHCC for Fall Term and accepted! I was number 28, good luck everyone!
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