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Hey, just wanted a place for those who are MHCC alternates, so we can see how the list is moving, who is going where, and when calls are going out. I'm in the 20s, and pretty confident about the position since they move through... Read More

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    Congratz cakkysue63 I wish you the best of luck!!!

    Emmyers did you apply to any other schools or is MHCC it?

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    Congratz cakkysue63 I wish you the best of luck!!!&nbsp;<br><br>Emmyers did you apply to any other schools or is MHCC it?
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    Meals, I did, I applied at, and was accepted at CCC, but I turned it down for my alternate spot MHCC.... how about you?
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    Wow! That takes guts! You must have a lot faith in MHCC. I know I wouldn't be brave enough to make that decision! I applied to 3 other schools. I got rejected to them It is my first year applying to nursing school, so I'm happy with the alternate position-even though it is at the very bottom! I honestly didn't think I would even get an alternate position, I had so many people telling me I didn't have a shot just because it is my first attempt. I guess it's just a long waiting game now.
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    Meals, what other schools did you apply to? Congrats on your alternate spot, that's still something to smile about!
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    I applied to Rogue Community College, Clatsop Community College, and Oregon Coast Community College. Not really sure why I didn't apply to more in the Portland area
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    Did they say why you were denied? I think you're one of the few people that post on here that applied to those schools!
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    Not really. They basically said that they found more qualified candidates for the program. I heard rumors that they were schools that were easier to get into, guess they were lies. I was feeling confident about it because I am a straight A student, but was shot down There is always next year I suppose....
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    It might be worth your while to set up meetings with admissions at those schools to discuss why you were denied. It might be something really easy to fix.The programs are hard to get into but with straight-A's I think you should've at least been waitlisted. I'm really sorry Have you looked out of state? I'm considering a few programs only because I have an impending feeling of doom I will also get denied when I apply later this year. Sigh.
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    I have been contemplating applying out of state. If I don't get a call from the school I am currently waitlisted, I will apply to both in and out of state nursing programs. Will this upcoming year be the first year you are applying?

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