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Linfield College ABSN 2012

  1. 0 Hi there,

    Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer?

    Looking forward to getting to know some of you!
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    Wassup Michelle,

    Im currently finishing up my NCAS and will be applying to Linfield for this up coming ABSN. Hopefully everything goes well and we all get accepted.

    Recently been denied at NYU and USF.

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    I've recently been denied at Duke and Southern Maine... I feel your pain! Are you looking at any other programs in addition to Linfield? Do you live in Oregon?

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    I'm from California. I'm still waiting on Samuel Merritt but a response wont be given until Feb. Linfield is the only school I'm applying to with a Summer start date. Where are you from?

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    I'm originally from TN, but I live in Bend, OR now. I'm applying to another nursing program in pdx and also a MSW program (my bachelors is in sociology). Good luck! Maybe we'll be classmates come June.
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    Sweet!!!!! I hope you get into something. I have a question. It seems like everyone who gets accepted into Linfield in previous cohorts are usually from OREGON. LOL, I might be over thinking this but is there a preference for residents of Oregon? Gahhhhhhh I hope not!!!!!!

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    I applied to the ABSN from Linfield... I have only been living in Oregon for about 1.5 years now (lived in Tillamook for about 10 months and Portland for about 8). Moved from Illinois.
    I have no idea if they prefer OR residents... but I also applied to U of Portland. Best of luck to you two.

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    hey, ryan!

    i applied to UP as well. do you happen to know when they send out decisions? on the admissions faq page it says that it usually takes them about 3-4 weeks to process transfer applications, but i'm curious as to whether that applies to the nursing program as well.

    best of luck to you too!
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    i don't know anything about when uofp sends out info, but i was told that linfield doesn't send out transfer info until the first or sencond week of march... so i am not holding my breath... have plenty of time before they tell us anything. then again the linfield app isn't even due until feb 1 so i would think u of p would be able to give us the info quicker. i will let you know if/when i hear something.

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    Michelle! Miss you! I'll see you this fridee!
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    aj! too funny! miss you too, dearie. see you this week!
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    Fo sho!!!!!!!!! Good times
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    any of you guys get responses from linfield yet?

    Hey Thomas...I'm originally from california and got accepted to Samuel Merritt ABSN oakland cohort...did you get a response?
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