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Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

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    How many does Linfield put on their waitlist?

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    Definately better smallfry2, just be patient though because we do not have to submit our letter of intent until May 1st. So it could be a while..
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    pnlu- Thanks! I'm waiting to hear from OHSU ABSN first. How about you?
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    Hey Shauna-i am also waiting to hear from OHSU. I know they are pretty competitive from what I've read in prior year threads...I am happy with Linfield, I was accepted into a California-Samuel Merrit University- that is $63K without a beautiful transfer I'm pretty much set to start this summer at Linfield. I think we should be hearing in 2 weeks OHSU tho.
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday as well. WooHoo!!! I am waiting on OHSU, like many of you, so we will have to see what April brings.
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    got my acceptance letter over the weekend!! i was also accepted at UP's traditional BSN, but i'm waiting to hear whether or not i got accepted as a providence scholar (otherwise, i definitely can't rationalize their astronomical tuition). that'll be the deciding factor for me -- which school ends up being more affordable. decisions, decisions.

    congrats, everyone! looking forward to maybe meeting some of you soon!
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    congrats bmichelle...did you get accepted to the accelerated program for linfield or traditional? btw, that providence scholarship sounds pretty awesome, as it could mean immediate employment at graduation. considering how scary the job market is right now, that sounds pretty good.
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    linfield's accelerated program. the job post-grad is definitely a nice perk!
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    University of Portland doesnt have an accelerated program right? are you going entry level masters or tradional BS?
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    nope, no accelerated program at UP. i thought about an entry level masters, but i don't want to choose a specialty until i've spent some time actually working as a nurse. i have about eleventybillion areas that i'm interested in, and it would be too hard to pick one now and worry later if i should've picked something else. i envy people who can make that kind of decision! it would sure save me a lot of time... and debt.

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