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Hi there, Wondering if anyone else is planning to apply to Linfield's ABSN for next summer? Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :) Michelle... Read More

  1. by   pnlu007
    congrats bmichelle...did you get accepted to the accelerated program for linfield or traditional? btw, that providence scholarship sounds pretty awesome, as it could mean immediate employment at graduation. considering how scary the job market is right now, that sounds pretty good.
  2. by   bmichellejoyner
    linfield's accelerated program. the job post-grad is definitely a nice perk!
  3. by   pnlu007
    University of Portland doesnt have an accelerated program right? are you going entry level masters or tradional BS?
  4. by   bmichellejoyner
    nope, no accelerated program at UP. i thought about an entry level masters, but i don't want to choose a specialty until i've spent some time actually working as a nurse. i have about eleventybillion areas that i'm interested in, and it would be too hard to pick one now and worry later if i should've picked something else. i envy people who can make that kind of decision! it would sure save me a lot of time... and debt.
  5. by   smallfry2
    I don't know, but I'm curious, because I'm on it. I feel like OHSU is holding everything up, so as soon as people hear back from there, spots will open up. I still have 3 pre-req's for Linfield, so this is going to be one crazy term! Already stressed, and it's day 1!
  6. by   happiness123
    I am also taking extra classes for Linfield this term, so stressful! But it's all worth it, I feel so anxious not knowing though...I hope we find out soon!
  7. by   pnlu007
    happiness, did u get into linfield?
  8. by   happiness123
    I am waitlisted! I was pretty happy with it since I was expecting a rejection!
  9. by   Skills21
    hi, all

    i am sending in my acceptance letter today!! although, ifeel anxious and nervous i am very excited for june to get here so we can startthe program. i can’t wait to meeteveryone.

  10. by   pnlu007
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  11. by   bmichellejoyner
    is anyone moving to portland and looking for a potential roomie? i had originally planned to live alone, but the more i think about it, it might be nice to have a study buddy and someone to share rent with. let me know.
  12. by   pnlu007
    Skills21-ive just sent off my letter of it to win it now! Can't wait to meet everyone.
  13. by   shauna.r
    I'm also mailing in my acceptance letter tomorrow. Very excited to start in June!

    I started a group on facebook called Linfield ABSN Summer 2012 Cohort. Please feel free to join! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. I hope that's the name of our cohort... or are we the class of Summer 2013 cohort? (I added my sister because I needed another person to start the group.)

    Michelle - I'll be moving from Oregon City to Portland. I agree that it'd be nice to have someone to study with and possibly carpool to class. Send me a message here or on facebook if you're still looking for a roommate.