Linfield BSN summer application

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    Hey fellow future nurses!

    Is anyone applying for Linfield BSN this go around? I just submitted my insight resume- PHEW! Who knew talking about yourself could be so tough?

    Good luck to any and all...keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Quote from Sartorius1
    Hey fellow future nurses!Is anyone applying for Linfield BSN this go around? I just submitted my insight resume- PHEW! Who knew talking about yourself could be so tough? Good luck to any and all...keeping my fingers crossed.
    Soooo funny! I feel the exact same way!! Those essay questions were so much harder than the other schools I've applied to. I'm glad someone else felt my pain!Good luck to you! Do you know how many people applied and how many spots there are? I'm so nervous and we have to wait til oct. ehhh.
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    Yay a fellow nervous Nelly!
    October seems so FAR away!
    I believe there are 72 spots..give or take a couple.
    Has NursingCAS updated your profile yet? I sent my transcripts in pretty late but am anxious to see what they calculate my GPA as..
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    No, I don't think they have. I waited till my spring grades were posted. I know my transcipts arrived and references came in. I just submitted my essays today. So, how do you feel about your gpa? Have you finished your prerequisites? This is my top school to get into. If not, I guess I'll have to wait till spring and apply to up and ohsu...again
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    I'm not feeling super confident because I still need to take A&P 233 and another bio course. My GPA isn't a 4.0, which stinks. If I get straight up denied this coming year I'll retake a couple classes, but I'm hoping I don't have to.
    I knew if I didn't apply this time, I'd be disappointed in myself but I'm not expecting any miracles!
    I'll be applying everywhere for the first time in December, but Linfield is my #1 choice, as well.
    So you applied last year? Did you get waitlisted anywhere?
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    I actually applied in Feb. of this year. I was in the process of doing 232, stats 243, anth, and soc. I still had 233 and bio 101&103 to finish. I got denied by up and ohsu but never completed my app for linfield cause I realized I was short on credits. Now I have all of my prereq's done and I am taking the extra classes linfield requires (history, art, ethics) in the fall.

    As far as you go, I don't think you should feel too bad about the classes you have left. As long as you have the minimum, which is on their website, that's all they require. It sounds like to me that you have only a couple left to take.

    I talked to ---------- at linfield and she broke down the point system a little for me.
    It is based on a total of 100 points. 50 are gpa with it broken down like this: 28 is your science with labs, 14 is your total prereq's that are required for the program, and 8 is your cumulative gpa. So as you see, the heaviest weight is on you sciences. Then the essays are worth 36 points- 3 possible points for each question with 2 people reading them and scoring separately. I don't where the other 14 points come from.
    Hopefully that made sense
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    I went to an information session and understood that the 14% is for volunteer work, medical experience, and your letter of recommendation.

    Did OHSU ad UP tell you specifically why you were rejected? Or did they just send a generic letter?

    Good luck to you! I'm surprised we are the only ones on here discussing :P
    I guess everyone else is out enjoying summer! I'm trying to not freak out but I'm secretly hoping August and September go by quickly
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    I know!! Where is everyone? Hey, maybe we're the only 2 applying, so we might be a shoe-in!
    UP basically told me there was so many applicants and they pretty much put the applicants aside that did not have their prereq's complete. OHSU I didn't even contact cause I knew it was a shot in the dark. I applied to the Portland campus, which is extremely difficult to get into even with all of your prereq's done. I just didn't want to feel like, "what if".
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    I know the admission adviser from Linfield said that in the fall, they take any transfer students from the McMinnville campus. So last year, 60 of the 72 spots were filled by transfer students. I don't think they do the same for this application cycle, so I'm feeling good about our chances!

    I don't even want to spend $120 for the OHSU app if I don't get into Linfield....but I still always think "what if", too.

    What's your back up plan if you don't get accepted this go around?
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    Did anyone read on the Linfield Good-Sam Nursing Facebook page that 60 people did not submit their NCAS applications?
    I had a moment of panic thinking I made a mistake, but soon realized I had in fact submitted mine. Whew!

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