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Hey fellow future nurses! Is anyone applying for Linfield BSN this go around? I just submitted my insight resume- PHEW! Who knew talking about yourself could be so tough? ;) Good luck to any and all...keeping my fingers... Read More

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    What?! I did call Linfield on the 30th and she said it looked like everything was in. She said the nurscas just needed to update my new classes and recalculate my gpa. I went and called nurscas cause it had been over 2 weeks since they had received my transcripts. Glad I did cause they said, "oh, that should of been done by now." and fixed it within the hour.So I wonder what the total number of applicants are then?Oh on your last question about what I would do...Well, maybe shed a tear then I would finish extra prereq's that ohsu and UP require. I would take the Nur 95 class and TEAS test. Then I would apply to every college again (including the community college I'm at right now) and hope that someone would want me! Otherwise, at this point, I don't have much of a plan C.How bout you?
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    Wow, I just found the FB page you were talking about. I wish I had known it existed! I liked the Linfield Portland page, but it's pretty quite.
    Hmmm, wonder what happened in regards to the 60 people?
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    All I know is that I had a nightmare last night that M***y gave those 60 people an extension! Haha I am going crazy and it's not even October. :icon_roll
    I am guessing their applications are "incomplete" and they aren't considered.....?

    So what exactly is the TEAS? I've only read about it on this site.
    Your Plan B looks awesome! I am in a similar boat, but only need chemistry to satisfy UP's requirements. Oh, and a theology course too I suppose..
    I'm also applying for an internship abroad. I hope that plan works if Linfield falls through this time. I am starting to get discouraged and am tired of the whole "hurry up and wait" thing. I've been going to school for so long and just feel like I am treading water sometimes.
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    Lol, me too! I do feel bad for those people, but it makes our chances that much better I do wonder too if they will get a "second chance" because so many had an issue.Ya, the TEAS...ehh. It's basically a test that assess your knowledge on everything you've learned in your prereq's and, I think, there maybe some critical thinking in there. I only need it if I apply to my CC, which I don't even really want to do. It's super competitive, takes the same amount of time as Linfield, AND you only end up with an AA! BUT, I'll do what I have to. I actually just started school in 2010 because I wanted to wait till my kids were old enough so I could focus better. I really need to get this done! Hurry up and wait, so right I was taking between 12-16 credits every term (including summer) to get through fast, along with waiting tables, and raising 5 kids. And now I must sit and wait to see how my near future is going to pan out. Hurry up...wait
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    Wow! You are crazy! Haha. I think you have a good chance of getting in. I am kinda wanting to ask on the Facebook page how many applications they received, but I better not!
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    I did!!! Lol, probably shouldn't have they said that they have 5 applicants for every 1 seat
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    Oh CRUD!! Oh geez I'm nervous. I still any believe we are the only two on here right now...hehe.
    Do you live in Portland?
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    Oops, *can't
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    I know! I keep reading about people who had a 4.0 and still couldn't get in, mine is at a cumm. 3.85 right now. I did get all A's in my sciences except for bio 101 and I gotta A-so my gpa is like 3.95. I must stop obsessing tho, it is what it is and it's outta my hands now, right?Anyway, I do find it funny no one else has commented on here...Oh, I live in Bend. Do you live in portland?
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    You've got the grades to make it in! One of the things I like most about Linfield is that they assess applicants a little more thoroughly than OHSU and PCC. I love Linfield's well-rounded approach.. I don't think having a 4.0 means someone will be a great nurse, and thankfully Linfield realizes that! I guess I say this because I have three B's in my pre-reqs.

    I do live in Portland! What's your plan if you get in? (Which I really think you will!) I was looking at their student housing actually. I currently live with my boyfriend and I think if I was going to succeed in nursing school I'd have to surround myself 24/7 with other dedicated students. That's the only way I aced A&P 231 and 232. I saw my study group more than my BF it seems like! Ha.