Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013 - page 9

Thought it would be nice to start a new thread for those of us who are applying this time around and to be able to support each other!... Read More

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    29th!? how do you know?

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    I applied for an ED position and haven't gotten a call for a second interview either. Doesn't seem like they would call this late in July to set up a second interview though

    I also would like to know if anyone who interviewed for the ED did get a call for a second interview and when you got the call?
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    My friend got a call back for second interview for ED early last week
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    Has anyone received a call for a second interview for women's services yet?
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    Yes I know of OB seconds interviews that were done last week and the week before. Pretty sure all second interviews are completed by now
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    I got an email from the director of the program requesting volunteers to speak to the new cohort at the welcome breakfast on August 22nd. Congrats to our new colleagues, can't wait to meet you!
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    If anyone hears anything this week, report back!!
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    Quote from mbschopp
    Call backs and job offers begin on July 29th
    Are all the call backs on the 29th or does it go into the week?
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    Calls have begun!
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    @rn4209 did you get a job offer??? I am so anxious!!!

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