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Thought it would be nice to start a new thread for those of us who are applying this time around and to be able to support each other!... Read More

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    I know! I was thinking the same thing! So much I wanted to say but completely forgot because of my nerves! Hope we all make it to final interview round!
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    It was dazzling to interview in such a capacity. I felt like I was shouting at the reps who interviewed me! Best to all of you in this endeavor.
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    I was so nervous! I don't even remember what I said! I got some random questions... Did anyone ask how many people actually applied/or how many they interviewed??
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    No, I meant to ask that! I am also curious about how many applicants they are hiring (and in each specific department)... I'm sure everyone did great! They interviewers knew that we were nervous, I'm sure! :-)
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    I asked about number of positions and they said 4-8 for peds
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    To anyone who has applied before.. How do they notify you about a second interview?? Does anyone want to post the dates that were on that sheet, I left it!!!
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    For periop, i was told directly by the 3 reps who interviewed me (their individual legacy facilities escape my memory now) that they are interested in 2 each for a total of 6 slots. I'm not sure if there were other periop reps at other tables. mine was table 13..hope that helps!
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    I was told there were approximately 40 positions and about 400 applicants who participated in the preliminary interview. She was unable to specify specifics for each department. I interviewed for critical care and she said probably only 1 or 2 positions, but was unsure.

    @ORJH4 - According to the provided sheet, final interviews will be July 1-14... It also says that we would be contacted directly if selected to participate in final interviews. If not selected for a final interview, an email will be sent by mid-August.
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    Sheesh, only 40??? That's crazy. Yeah, and I am little unsure of what they mean by "directly" but since interviews start on July 1st, I would think that would be very soon!
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    I know it is probably a little soon to ask but has anyone heard anything yet?
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    Not yet :/, from looking at past posts it looks as though it took anywhere from a week to four weeks after the pre-screen interview to hear about a second interviews ahhh . The Portland job market is SO TOUGH...I am hoping to at least get another shot..
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    Yeah, me too. It seems like tough competition in this Legacy Residency program... And I agree, from what I could find on allnurses, it seems like people started getting callbacks about a week after they had their pre-screening interviews.
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    I am doing a phone interview and my email says they will take place mid-late June and early July. So don't get discouraged if you don't get a call back right away, it may not be until after all the phone interviews are completed.