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Legacy Versant RN Residency - who's applying for this round? - page 2

This is my third time applying, so here's hoping the third time is the charm. I graduated last June and will be finishing up my BSN at OHSU in June (with a 4.0!) and will have 9 months of home health... Read More

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    thanks for the input tejon! good luck this time around =)
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    Happy to help! I think the Legacy Versant Program is a bit shrouded in mystery, so I'm glad to share a bit, especially if it makes the process less intimidating.
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    Got the email for a telephone interview. This is the second time, so hoping I can make it to the second round of interviews. Didn't have RN license last time, but I thought the interview went great.
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    I'll be scheduling a phone interview! I am incredibly excited, but feel my chances are very slim with all the posts I have read from the last few cohorts. Best of luck to everyone.
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    How did interviews go for those who did it in person?
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    My interview is this Friday at 9:00. I'll be trying for the Acute Pediatrics at Randall Children's Hospital. Hoping it goes well!
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    Just got my call this morning for an interview with an ICU Manager tomorrow at 1120. Good luck to you tejon.
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    Good luck to you, too!
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    Looks like the in-person pre-screen interviews were supposed to occur today. How did everyone do?
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    Hey Everyone!!!

    I applied this time around and I attended the in-person interviews. I felt that the interview went really well, especially for a 10-12 minute interview. Originally it was said that we would have 20 minutes but when I sat down I was told I only had 10-12 minutes. They asked me 4 questions and then let me ask one or two. She did let me know that they had 400-500 applicants and only about 18 positions. Overall... it was set up much like a "speed date", and they were very strict with the time. I am sure that we all did well and now we wait. I was informed that second interviews would be held between 7/2 -7/13, with final selections being made starting on 7/16 through the end of the month.

    I hope this was helpful for all of you who were unable to attend the in-person interviews. Good luck to everyone and I will post when I hear whether or not I am offered a second interview.
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    Thank u CCRN for the info. Only 18 or so positions from 400-500 applicants is a lil discouraging. I hope I make it to the second round this time.
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    I had my interview yesterday morning. I think it went well, but it's really hard to say. I know that competition is pretty fierce and that I'm only one of a group of very well qualified applicants. I'm trying to keep in mind that when I applied to nursing school there were 700 applicants, only 40 positions, and I got in! So who knows :-)
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    I just wonder if anyone received any call from Legacy for the final interview. Please, share!!!