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Does anyone work there? How do you like working for Kaiser? How are the benefits?... Read More

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    The most recent BSN graduates (2009) who are in the Kaiser Loan Forgiveness program are not pleased with the results. No fulltime RN payscale position with benefits being offered after almost 2 months post graduation. Current offering is subpar via what appears to be federal stimulus funding. Looks like Kaiser forgot they made a promise 2 years ago to this group.

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    I would be very wary about working for them. I was canned just 2 days before the end of my 180 day probation period. The benefits were great, the pay was great and the other nurses on my team were great but the other nurses on the other shift were something else. I don't know if they were "threatened" by me or I just didn't fit into their click, but it felt like a witch hunt. The manager was terrible. I was told by the gal at the unemployment office that this practice (of firing workers just before their probation period is up) is a fairly common practice. This of course is a union shop but because I was still in my probation period there was nothing the union rep could do. I really don't understand how this is cost effective for them. The only reason I can come up with is that management is trying to get the union out?

    I think I would be more inquisitive if I had to do it over again, do more investigating before I accepted the position. I have always had good working relationships with positive & supportive team members so I assumed this place would be the same. I know, I know, I shouldn't assume. But I'm beyond that now...have a couple interviews coming up within the next few days so things are good.
    Good luck to you too!

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