info anyone...housing close to OHSU?!?!?

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    anyone one have any input on housing/apartment rentals in portland close to ohsu? i am moving from Va to Portland next month hopefully. Thanx in advance

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    I would check on Craigslist. Anything in SW/downtown or John's Landing is close to OHSU. I would avoid anything in Beaverton/Hillsboro due to traffic congestion on HWY 26. A 15 minute commute can turn into an hour and a half on a bad day. Good luck let me know if you have questions
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    I had to bring my son for some tests yesterday up at OHSU and I commuted in from Beaverton in remarkably fast time... I would agree that driving HWY 26 would be a nightmare but taking the bus was a breeze. It took me about a half an hour on an express line that makes limited stops and had many OHSU students and/or employees that were riding.
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    May I ask you which bus this is?
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    It was bus 61x I believe. Check out for more info.
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    I am not sure the cost of renting down town Portland but you should look into that too. I know some if not all places have an underground garage or some type of parking situation for you.

    The reason why I say down town is because you can take the tram up to OHSU. I have never been on it (for various reasons), but I think it is like a 5 minute ride up there, maybe 3, don't exactly know. But you should definately take that into consideration too.

    You could walk to the tram from where you live, save on gas a little. Plus, the parking situation on the hill isn't all that great from what I have heard. For employees there is like a 3 year waiting list or something like that. Parking for students might be different though.

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    If you are able to come down to Portland sometime before you move here I would recommend walking or driving around "the hill" to find a rental. Craigslist housing goes ridiculously fast in Portland so you may be better off just looking for rental signs in front of an apartment/houses. Also check the bulletin boards at OHSU that is how we found our house which is across is very close to the school. We pay 1k/mth for a large 1 bedroom house with basement.
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    I have worked at OHSU for almost a year and a half now and during that time my fiance and I have lived in Marquam Village, which is an apartment complex about a 5-minute walk from OHSU. It's not the best-looking apartment complex but is it very convenient to work, almost always quiet, and we have a great manager. I am pretty sure they have apartments available right now. Hope this helps.
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    thanxs so much for the reply, i found out yesterday that i will be living at stoneridge at cornell which i think is out of town alittle. Problem is i have a big ol' yellow lab as my sidekick so she decreases my options in housing just a tad!! how do you like OHSU? where do you work? i am starting a travel assignment in trauma in july. Excited to live on the otherside of the country but not looking forward to that 3000 mile drive!!
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    I'm a OHSU medical student and am looking to quickly sublet my 2BD apartment before our child arrives next month. We've decided to subsidize the rent to move the apartment quickly ($950, includes utilities). I walk everyday from here to the medical school. It's a nice place but not big enough for our family:

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