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:confused: anyone one have any input on housing/apartment rentals in portland close to ohsu? i am moving from Va to Portland next month hopefully. Thanx in advance... Read More

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    I'm a female who lives right across from Gabriel Park by Multnomah Village. It is very close to OHSU, can catch the bus right there. My was-going-to-be roommate just lost her job. It's a two bedroom townhouse, washer/drier, end unit with deck and private back patio. I'm a non-smoker and have a small friendly dog (at doggy day car usually while I am at work). Working full time as a physical therapist. Graduated a year ago so like the idea of a graduate student/someone working at OHSU vs Stranger off street. Contact me if interested:
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    this place is blocks away and really cute:

    it's a studio condo with a full kitchen, and it's right on the streetcar line, so you can explore portland.