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I currently am an LPN working on my RN living in Cleveland, Ohio. I am really trying to get out of this town and move to a more liberal, laid-back city that is more geared towards nature. Not to mention the weather here is awful... Read More

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    As long as no one pronounces the state like "Ora-GONE." That drives me insane. I remember seeing a shirt long ago that had OREGON really big on it, with the pronunciation key under it. LOL

    Arawn, we're also considering a move to the Portland area ... I'm from Oregon originally, and have family and friends in Portland. It'll just come down to the logistics of moving a household of me, husband, four cats and a bazillion books across the country. Yikes

    I've seen some job postings on various hospital sites that offer hiring bonuses and relocation pay. I'll look into that once I have at least a year of experience as an RN! Has anyone known anyone who took advantage of deals like that? I'm sure there's usually a minimum time commitment involved; just wondering how much they might pay, typically.
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    Not sure if you're still interested, but there's the state psych hospital in Salem if you're looking for mental health. It's not far at all to the south of Portland.