CNA in OR or WA? What is better?

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently located in Oregon and am thinking about moving up to Washington this summer and becoming a CNA while I apply to nursing schools. I have noticed that in Oregon, to become a CNA you have to take two classes (CNA-1, CNA-2) and in Washington there is only one.

    I was wondering if I took my classes in Oregon, would Washington accept them? If someone could let me know, that'd be great!


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    Check with the WA state board of nursing to find out if they do CNA by endorsement, or a similar program that would let you work there after you obtain your CNA here in Oregon. Good luck!
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    I don't think your CNA will transfer to Washington from Oregon. And you don't have to take two classes to become a CNA in Oregon. The CNA1 allows you to work in a nursing home and a CNA2 allows you to work in acute care (hospitals). Many places offer an intense CNA1 course that you can do in 4 weeks. Cascade even has an online one (you still have to go in a few days for labs and then do your clinicals), but it's flexible. Nursing home jobs are fairly easy to come by, but it's tough to get on at a hospital without a decent amount of experience. Good luck!
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    Thanks NurseToBe3! That was very helpful, and now I have a followup question. How is it possible to find addition experience to be able to get hired in a hospital?
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    Most hospitals want a year of experience. You could work at a nursing home for a year and then apply to hospitals. You also may be able to get on as a hospital tech for legacy. They want you to have a CNA2, but I don't think they require experience. You can also check craigslist for CNA2 jobs. There may be smaller hospitals that don't require experience. I have just looked around at the major ones. Also, many nursing programs allow you to apply for your CNA2 after the third term because you have enough knowledge and clinical experience. That would save you a ton of money if you wanted to wait. Just something to think about!
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    Your CNA1 license WILL endorse into WA state. WA doesn't have both CNA 1 and 2, so it's the equivalent to the CNA1 in OR. All you would do is wait until you get your CNA1 license from Oregon and then apply for endorsement into WA. I live and work as a CNA in WA and am going to nursing school in OR.

    And in answer to your second question: Most CNA's have to start in LTC or home health care for a year before they can apply to hospitals. I found a job at a skilled nursing facility that is MUCH better than LTC and so is the pay. I might even stay there after I get my LPN and RN. I was lucky to get in with no experience. They just liked me I guess. I know some CNA's will volunteer at the hospital and get to know the staff and then they can usually get in the next time they have a CNA opening. Good luck with work and school!
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    Nursetabitha...I saw one of your postings that you are attending nursing school in Oregon and live in Washington. I was wondering if there is any way that we could exchange emails so I could ask you some questions I plan on doing the same thing. I am heading to Oregon tomorrow to talk with the school. What school are you attending and where do you live in Washington are you commuting? My email is Chichimungo@gmail.comBtw I'm sure you got your answer by now but I do know for LPN license WA and OR have reciprocity. So you don't need to endorse. But am not sure of same for CNA, I have mine from Wa and work here in WA. I do have an older lady I work with who used to work in our hospital and said they used to use CNA II for hospitals, she had hers. I'm assuming she told me because they no longer use it...?
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    If you are an Oregon resident you might be able to get grant funding to cover the cost of your CNA courses. Check with JobGrowers, through the Employment Department. The CNA2 might help you get a hospital job without experience as a CNA1.
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    Worksource Oregon (through the Oregon Employment Department) has opportunities for grants for both CNA1 and CNA under the HOPE Grant which is a partnership between Portland Community College and Worsource Oregon.

    This is a link to the application for CNA2:


    Article detailing what the grant is all about:

    PCC awarded $4.8 million in federal grant money to help train health care workers | PCC News
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