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  1. Hello, I'm a CNA at a LTC (I've worked there for over a year) and I recently decided to take a CNA2 course, I passed the course and I've been applying to local hospitals. I have two job interviews at the Hospital and I really really want to make a great impression and get hired there. It sounds dumb but I've wanted to work there ever since I was little, just a simple goal in life I would like to obtain. So my problem is I want to stand out from the rest of the applicants and I was just wondering if anyone has any advice?? Also one of my inerviews are in the medical telemetry department, and other than attaching a 5 lead tele in my CNA2 clinicals I really have no clue...what else would I need to know, and can a do some research in time so that I don't sound like a complete idiot to them, lol??

    Thank you so much for any imput you may have for me :redpinkhe
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  3. by   oregonbeach
    Hey! Just wondered if you ever got a CNA2 position. I will be attending CNA2 classes in a few weeks, but have seen no job advertisements for them. Our hospital's site lists the job as "CNA/MA," in the header. But every announcement that I've read for months requires a Medical Assistant Certificate from some registration site in some other state. Basically, they only hire CNA2s if they went through their training program. And the training program is very sporadic and has the requirement of being bilingual. Even then, only hospital employees seem to get in. So basically outside of Portland, I'm wondering if I will end up being a CNA 1 with a little extra training?
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    Hey yeah I actually did get a job, at the hospital in Salem,OR. I know that we will be hiring again soon, they are re-configuring the Med Surg floors and opening up some new areas, so I'm sure there will be a few opening within the next couple of monthes.
    It sucks that all the CNA2 courses at the hospitals are sporadic and require you to be bilingual? It is good for the hospitals to have bilingual CNA's but it sucks for those of us trying to get CNA2's
    How long have you been a CNA?
  5. by   oregonbeach
    Just passed in the 3rd week of October. Taking off until my CNA2 class in December, then I'll do a job search. So you got in to Salem with a CNA2 and no experience? They usually just have MA positions listed. Good for you!
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    Thanks Well I worked for 1 year in a Nursing home, but other then my CNA2 clinicals I had no Acute Care experience, I just had good references. Right now there are 2 job positions open for CNA one in Orthopedics and one in Medical Telemetry.
    But I also know 2 people that don't have their CNA2s that were hired a couple weeks ago?? its has been a CNA for 2 or 3 years I think, and the other has been a CNA for around 7 months, but is in the BSN program at WOU.
  7. by   oregonbeach
    I applied for that, got the reject email yesterday (Ortho). I love that the only qualification is CNA 1 cert and ability to have CNA 2 in 45 days. Which I assume is them training you. Or not. But I told them I anticipated attending school and having my training done by the 3rd week in Dec. Yet, I get the kiss off letter and they are still recruiting. I shouldn't take is personally since I know several people who are on call and apply for permanent positions and have received the "pursuing more qualified candidates letter," when they've been doing the job for months. And the recruitment stays up. I seriously wonder how these determinations take place. I'll keep applying. Thanks for the info.
  8. by   oregon_rn
    I know of a per diem agency, MedStaff, in Portland. They have opportunities for CNAs in hospitals around the area. They pay great, but you need 3 years of experience.
  9. by   ArmyWife11B
    You have to be careful on which options you choose towards the end of the app. Such as the one you mentioned about being able to obtain the CNA2 within 45 days of hire, they do train you so "yes" you would be able to obtain that. And alsways put you are "bicultural" they cannot discriminate, and if you want to get technical we are all "bicultural." If you're not careful with those, then your app maybe automaticlly booted, atleast I'm assuming thats what happens.