BSN RN from the Philippines, new here in Oregon - page 2

can anyone help me...i'm new here in Oregon and i'm a BSN RN back in the Philippines..i'm applying for my TOEFL and NCLEX..i maybe taking those exams by summer of this year...can i find a nursing job even if i'm not an RN here in... Read More

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    oh ok...the best thing to do is to prioritize my NCLEX first..and when i passed that's the time that i can do my job application...

    can i ask another question, can i attend or join interships for specialization without my license?

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    Internships are few and far between. Only licensed personnel will be selected for these unless it is for some type of position for which a license is not required.
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    oh ok..thanks for the info..maybe i'll just prioritize first my NCLEX then think about my job application when i got my license...

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