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Hello, I'm new on here. I have a bachelors degree and have been working as a vocational rehablitation counselor for the last 10 years. I've always been interested in being a nurse but had too many... Read More

  1. by   JROregon
    Linn-Benton might have a BI 112 spot open.

  2. by   BAtoBSN
    Well thanks to the advise received on this board I have registered at PSU to take two sequences of the A&P this summer. Wish me luck. I've asked my job for permission to alter my schedule to allow to take the class in the AM so please wish me luck with my job!
  3. by   JROregon
    Awesome!! Hope you do great.
  4. by   WildcatJen
    I've been so busy for so long immersed in this quest for those precious letters to add behind my name....

    I also have children (four) and have a prior degree. When I set out on this journey, I had no idea how tough it would be. I'm not trying to dissuade you, but I do want to warn you about taking the A & P series too quickly (ie rush through the summer.) These are tough classes, and you will need to know as much as you can for nursing school. You will rely upon your knowledge from A & P to get you through some of the tougher classes.

    Good luck on your journey! Don't lose sight of the goal, and hang in there when it's tough!
  5. by   JROregon
    I've known a couple of people who took the highly immersive condensed version of the A&P series at the local university and really enjoyed the pace of the classes. You just can't get lost or behind in any way. If you took any chemistry or biology in the past, some will come back to you. If not, you could get lost at the very beginning and never catch up.
  6. by   BAtoBSN
    Wel guys the veredict is in. My job will only allow me to take one class. I had submitted a proposal to take my vacation time in hour increments this summer but it was not approved. I was told I have to use my vacation time in half day increments. So given this new information I will only take one A&P class this summer and the food and nutrition class. But, I had left this up to the hands of my creator and He knows what's best for me and my he obviously knows that this is all I will be able to handle this summer. FYI: my husband is being deployed to Afghanistan in September....which is why I was trying to get the most done this summer, while I still have his help
  7. by   BAtoBSN
    OMG! had my first session of BI 301 this morning and let me tell you...this accelerated course is NO JOKE. If anything I'm sure I'll shed tears over It's a three week course so each day is like a week worths of information. Wish me luck on the lab portion this evening! if any of you took the accelerated course at Portland State let me know...I'm in desperate need of tips to get a good grade!
  8. by   BAtoBSN
    Hi all, so I am done with two sequences of A&P and will be starting the third on Monday. I'm pretty dissapointed(okay that's an understatement, I'm HEARTBROKEN!) I've never worked so hard in my life just to end up with C's in the classes Now I'm worried I've shot my chances at nursing school. Did any of you get in to nursing school with C's in A&P?