Applied to OSH mental health, tips!

  1. I went in yesterday for an interview for the forensics psychiatric position. According to the email I received it stated that there would be an exam, followed by an interview. Heads up, the exam is the interview. A set of questions regarding your management of staff, understanding of psychiatric nursing, understanding of pharmaceuticals pertaining to psychiatric nursing and the common adverse reactions to those meds, what in your background would make you sure fit for a mental health nurse position?

    They give you 10 minutes to look over the questions prior to the interview. Scribble some notes down as quickly as you can! At the finish of the interview process, I was tempted to ask, so... am I taking the exam now?!

    Prior to going in, I looked over NCLEX questions, reviewed med calculations...etc, all for nill. I wish they could just plainly state what the exam is about in plain English and save us from guessing!
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    Good Luck!
    I had 3 interviews with OSH twice in Portland and once in Salem. The 1st time around meh it went okay, didn't get the job.
    The second time in Salem it went great had a panal interview had them laughing was there for over an hour they contacted my refrences right away, one of my refrences was my senior preceptor she told me that she talked me up so much that they should think I was Gods gift to nursing.
    So I thought I would hear from them.......never heard from them

    The third time went okay as well, but by this time I couldn't really tell and I had already found a job.

    I have former classmates of mine get hired on with them, 2 of them I know hated it and jumped ship the 1st chanced they got.
    another one was able to take her expereince and got a job in a ICU, another went back to school full time and there are still 2 that are still working for them a year later.