Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

  1. How's everyone doing with their Apps?

    I applied to MHCC, CCC, PCC and Linfield.

    It's my first year applying and I'm a nervous wreck!!!

    How long does it usually take to hear whether or not you got an interview?
    I was glad to see CCC changed their deadline to Feb 15th like the other OCNE schools-I think it'll make the waiting more bearable!

    Anyone else want to share points to see how tight the competition is this year?

    Other than Mt. Hood, I don't get too many discretionary points.

    Heres what I *think* I have (figuring them myself):
    MHCC-63 points
    CCC-50 or 51 points depending on how they round up your gpa
    PCC-54 points

    Good luck everyone!!!
    Let the nail biting, stalking the mailbox begin!
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  3. by   kamaboko
    PCC 59.8
    CCC 54.8 + 3 discretionary points if it comes to that.

    I'm not sure of my chances at CCC. I think I have better odds at PCC. I was told by one of the application reviewers at PCC that the average student for 2010 had 60pts, a four-year degree, and a 3.9GPA. I thought I read somewhere on this board that the cutoff for points at CCC last year was 55. By cutoff I mean for those that got interviews. I'm sure I'll be corrected by someone if I'm wrong.
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  4. by   kamaboko
    I wouldn't expect to hear any definitive answers regarding acceptance until mid to late May. Might as well give your fingernails a chance to grow. I'm already working on plan B if I don't get accepted; that being something in the computer engineering field. I'm not going to reapply year after year as I've read in so many posts here. If a 3.9GPA, multiple college degrees, and CNA isn't good enough this year, I have no reason to believe it will somehow miraculously be good enough next year.
  5. by   gardenstt
    I was just on CCC's nursing website and thought I read that their application period is Feb 7-11. Am I wrong?

    Also, the CCC score sheet I found says you can get up to 50 points for an essay.... but this isn't part of the tie-breaker? I can't find any more info on the essay. Does anyone have insight?

    This is my second year applying and I am trying for CCC and OHSU's Monmouth campus.

    I have pretty much all the points needed for CCC and OHSU doesn't really have a definite point system. I have decided that if I don't get in this year, I'm going to take the classes I need to apply to Linfield. I know three people who have gotten into their program and I don't want to offend anyone by saying this, but it seems like it's easier to get in there.

    Kamaboko - where did you get your CNA license? It seems like there are limited way to get it and that's something I am really interested in doing.
  6. by   gardenstt
    Nevermind about the essay question - I did more poking around found this:

    Essay Exams:
    Applicants will be assigned a date (included in the complete packet letters from Enrollment Services) on April 9 or April 16, 2011 to complete the essay exam. Do save these dates!

  7. by   kamaboko

    I got my CNA through PCC.
  8. by   kamaboko
    Quote from gardenstt
    Nevermind about the essay question - I did more poking around found this:

    Essay Exams:
    Applicants will be assigned a date (included in the complete packet letters from Enrollment Services) on April 9 or April 16, 2011 to complete the essay exam. Do save these dates!

    I'm pretty sure the essay exam is part of the second round of cuts. I mean, not everyone gets to write an essay. The essay is only for those who have made it through the first of points.
  9. by   katieus
    Ginnym1981 (and anyone else who might know)-
    How did you calculate your MHCC score? I can't for the life of me, figure it out! Thanks so much! And I know what you mean by the nail biting and mailbox stalking! :-)
  10. by   airbender
    Katieus, on MHCC's nursing page, where you download the application there's also an 'application resource guide' that gives the point breakdown.
  11. by   katieus
    Oh, I think I've seen that already. I'm looking for the breakdown of the GPA score specifically. They say "40 points" for the GPA portion, but I wonder how these particular points are added up. Sorry, I should have been more clear. Thanks so much for your reply!
  12. by   kamaboko
    This is how to add up your points for MHCC, CCC, and PCC.

    Take Pi to the the 5th root of 78452.324, then divide that by the inverse function of N (x) to the binomial of 3422/898e^3. They made it easier this year.
  13. by   amberp83
    [color=gray]lol i am looking for info on how to add up pcc's points. i have the old one from the first year they were ocne, but i cannot for the life of me find the new one.

    never mind. after two days of looking for it, i found it about two minutes after i posted this. i should have posted sooner apparently there is a nice little sidebar of links on the nursing page that i failed to locate
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  14. by   Al34
    Hi Everyone,

    First ever post here! I applied to both CCC's (Clackamas and Chemeketa), OHSU, and PCC. I took the essay for OHSU last week. My points for Clackamas are 56 and 58 for PCC. I might be a long shot with both. Would have helped to have my CNA, but that's not something you can add at the last minute. Plus, I am out of district for both those places. I am in Chemeketa's district, but I imagine it will still come down to a lottery as pretty much everyone will have the max amount of points. There really isn't anywhere with Chemeketa that you can get extra points even if you have your CNA, a previous degree, or high GPA. A's and B's in all the A & P classes count for the same amount of points, too. Alternates get extra points for the next year. I am trying not to think about it (yeah right, that's why I am on this site - ha ha), because I start to get all stressed out with the "what if's".