Anyone else totally relieved to be done with pcc/ccc/mt.hood interveiws?

  1. So happy to be done with those myself. Can actually sleep and won't have to wear a suit for a long time (crosses fingers).
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  3. by   airbender
    YES! I will be REALLY relieved to just get all the notifications....
  4. by   Ginnym1981
    Ask me tomorrow around 12pm!
    My stomach has been in knots the last few days as I TRY to prepare for my MHCC interview that's tomorrow morning.

    Suits? Yikes, I have a nice top w/a mini blazer jacket over it, black slacks and round toed shoes with a buckle.
    I hope I'm not underdressed!
  5. by   airbender
    No, that sounds perfect! I think professional, neat and clean is the way to go - like business casual...
  6. by   pdxMHT
    I'm a guy... Not sure how I would have looked with round toed shoes and a buckle
  7. by   Kuku1981
    I am happy to be done with all essays and interviews. I had my Mt hood interview at 1 pm today. Were some of you there today? I think I made up my mind to go to Linfield's nursing school.
  8. by   k1977
    Yes, I interviewed today at 1PM. 3 hours was way too long! I so ready to get home, and what did I find in my mailbox--an acceptance letter to OHSU!
  9. by   pdxMHT
    Very nice! Congratulations!
  10. by   abree0323
    what were the interviews like? I'm scheduled for the LPN program interview on Jan 20th....I HATE interviews even though my last one was successful this past summer for the hospital I work at. Is it pretty much the same as a job interview? how do I prepare! lol