Admissions for a second degree in nursing

  1. 0 i received a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from u of p in 09 and would like to get a bsn degree, preferably through an asbn program asap. unfortunately my undergrad gpa is well bellow par, mostly due to both personal and family crisis. does anyone have any suggestions for programs (asbn or not) that are more willing to accept students with a somewhat lower gpa? everything that i have heard is saying that i need almost a 4.0 gpa just to get in-is this really true? also, can anyone share suggestions as to completing the needed pre reqs asap (and with a full time outside job)? i am enrolled in a few online classes through pcc, but can not start them for another month.
    i am also a bit worried about finding a job after i get a degree. this said, the earning potential for a nurse in significantly higher than that of an msw in oregon-which is the other career path i am considering.

    thank you sooo much!
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    There are community colleges in Oregon, especially in rural and semi-rural areas that will only look at your grades for sciences/psych/nutrition and assign points accordingly. Work on getting straight As, not in getting the pre-reqs done ASAP. It will be doubly frustrating if you charge ahead with a bunch of on-line classes only to get Bs and Cs and not get accepted into a nursing program. I'm not sure how you will do all this with a full-time job but I guess there are a few that are able to. Best wishes.

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