1. Hi guys, Iv been in theatres for 6 months and I still dont feel confident and i get really nervous with surgeries that i haven't done, how do prepare before hand on anticipating with surgeon mannerism? I really love this type of work and its never ending learning?
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  3. by   brownbook
    Ask a co-worker or supervisor. Your questions are very appropriate.

    I know as a new nurse I had the very bad habit of not asking questions. I thought I was supposed to know how to do my job and co-workers would think I was unqualified or dumb if I asked questions.

    Now I realize it is not at all unusual to ask co-workers with many years experience how, why, what about something......and they say. "I don't know that either...let's ask the boss or doctor or let's look it up."

    In your whole nursing career there will be new drugs, new procedures, new doctors.....knowledge, treatment procedures are always changing you have to ASK!

    No one knows it all... It is DUMB to not ask questions whether you are new to a position or have worked the same job 30 years.

    PS. Asking is most important....but you tube has great educational videos as a back up. To your questions.
  4. by   xX Goose Xx
    You will get more respect by asking than by assuming and getting it wrong. Now, if it is the same question to the same people over and over, there may be a problem.

    Everybody has to learn. Just remember that same information 10 years down the road when a new nurse approaches you as the seasoned veteran looking for information. There is no reason our profession has the reputation that we eat our young.