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I have seen it mentioned several times on this forum, but I am unaware of what their education and role truly is in the OR. What are they allowed to do?! Are they nurses performing in a different... Read More

  1. by   zerby1470
    Thank you. It is not comparing apples to apples. Both have skills that are brought for the operating room, some can to both, some cannot. But a good, well working and well trained team is in the best interest of the patient, regardless of the name that you give the roll. There are techs that I would let work on a family member in an instant, and nurses that I would not either. The inverse is also true, regardless of the role. If you are working with your best skills for your patient in the role that you are assigned and trained, the entire procedure does well.
  2. by   aprilflower123
    I see everyone's point of view here, to some extent. You have some really good techs, some really good RN (circulators) and you have some lazy techs and you have some lazy circulators....this is true EVERYWHERE you go. I have to honestly say, too, that being certified, or not, AS A TECH, yes, there is a rate of pay difference and some have worked very hard to obtain that certification and some apply it very well. I have to say that it is not all taught in school, either. I have seen and worked with some tech's that were "on the job trained" that I would much rather let assist with my surgery, as some that I have worked with that are certified that I wouldn't let work on my dog! As to one job being more complicated than the other, they both have equally totally different roles, and at times, I'm sure one person's job looks to be more easy than the other, for example...you take a really long case (6-8hrs), Im sure to the tech that the circulators job looks easier because for the most part after the o.r. record is filled out, they do get to set for most the rest of the case, observing of course, or having to run, but if all goes smoothly, for the most part, the tech has the more difficult position here. In other cases, like lil simple mole removal or something, it seems the circulators job is more difficult...checking pt, transport pt to o.r., positioning, prepping, calling report, specimens, takes longer for her to fill out her o.r. record than it does to finish the procedure,etc....Everyone here that has commented is either a tech or nurse defending their own, but if all would agree, IM RIGHT! THE MAIN THING HERE IS NOT ABOUT WHO'S JOB IS THE HARDEST BUT TO DO THE BEST POSSIBLE JOB THAT YOU CAN DO, WORKING TOGETHER TO PROVIDE THE BEST PATIENT CARE AS IF THAT PATIENT WAS YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER, HOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED!!!!