Warning about duraprep

  1. My mother is also an OR nurse and I just got this email from her today. Something to think about when you prep with duraprep or probably chloraprep.

    "Hi----Hey just want to let you in a a bit of advice----today I was prepping the pt for a discectomy--we do the iodine scrub and paint first then follow with dura prep. Well I hit the top of the duraprep with my hand to release the paint and somehow it shattered in a funny way sticking a knifeblade like piece up thru the top of the plastic which went into my hand--of course it was sterile but went in probably 1/4-3/8 inch and if it had hit the right spot may have caused some damage. We have done thousands of preps and have not had that happen before but it was not good---spent about 3 hours in the ER having it x-rayed and probed to detect if any fragments were in the hand----I will live and be quite fine but just want you to be aware---I think I will hit the end on something else other than my hand after this tho that will cause the end to be unsterile---Chat with you later---Love, Mom"

    It's always good to have mom looking out for you.

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  3. by   hotdog19d
    Thats really weird. If you look at the way a Duraprep is put together you can see how it's possible, but you would think it would be one in a million.