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    How do or nurses and surgeons feel about, treat, and, view surgical techs?
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    As with anyone else working in the OR, if you know your stuff then you get nothing but respect from me. I am an OR nurse and I have worked with many scrub techs. As far as the doctors go, from what I have seen, all they want is for the person standing beside them to know what they are doing, be they scrub tech or nurse.
    Does that help?
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    I agree with TravelingTexan, if you know your stuff then it should not matter. I work in an ALL RN staff, believe it or not, but with the inability to attract RN's with any experience this hospital will have to look at hiring Techs. No problem! Most of the time the surgeon does not even ask who the person is unless they screw up.
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    in our OR, we have only two techs. They have been there for years. I guess about 6 years ago, they started to make threats about this position being tossed, and all but two left the OR, worried that their jobs would be cut. I know that when our two techs decide to leave, they apparently will not be replaced. They would rather have staff that can also circulate. I know as a fairly new OR nurse, the techs. are the best people to teach scrubbing. They are really incredible. The surgeons also think so. I think they would rather of one of them any day. They really know their stuff. I am always learning something from them!! mud

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