Stryker Endoscopy Equipment in the Operating Room

  1. Hello,
    It there a discussion forum in A.N. that discussed endoscopy equipment, uses and what people think about different manufactures, the reps, quality, and so on. There are big purchasing decisions that need to happen in the OR is there anybody out there who has experience in this area? thank you,

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  3. by   adnrnstudent
    I'm ex device rep, career changer that just graduated nursing school in May. Olympus supposed to be best stuff.
  4. by   suckulator
    We use Stryker endoscopy and we love it. We bought 17 OR rooms worth of equipment. The rep stayed for over a year in house and trained an IT person before he left. He was on 24 hour call as well. The same goes for implants too, very pleasant, always available, etc. Obviously, I wasn't in on the purchasing but the people who work with this stuff everyday are the ones to ask.
  5. by   cmavakian
    That sounds like a huge project. I know stryker is a big player in the OR and so is Karl storz and I guess Olympus. I have interest in learning how to buy the old equipment that is being replaced by the newer equipment. Any suggestions?
  6. by   RNtUamazing
    I've noticed our Stryker stuff isn't aging well. That's important for a smaller hospital with limited resources. I've heard our director say he will probably not buy Stryker next time unless the technology has gotten remarkably better