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Hi all-- thank you for reading this, if you are. I am new to the OR, started the day after Memorial Day for a 6 month orientation. I came to the OR after 6 years of step-down/telemetry unit. Sometimes I miss working the floor...... Read More

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    There is a TON to learn in the OR, and don't expect to know it all after 6 weeks of training! You definitely have a long way to go, but take your time, lots of notes, and you will be fine.. I would HIGHLY recommend joining AORN and become familiar with all the basic recommendations, especially in regards to the nurse who calls you out for wearing your jacket while prepping. As long as you are wearing it properly, AORN suggests that you ALWAYS wear a jacket in the OR, even during a prep. Keep your head up and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Below is the link to the AORN surgical attire recommendations:

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