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Recently at work we have begun to implement the new AORN standards including wearing jackets in the OR around open sterile supplies. I as a circulator don't generally have an issue with new expectations coming down the pike but... Read More

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    It is almost impossible to prep the patient before or put the dressing on after without the jacket sleeve touching the patient. These are probably the 2 most important times for the nurses' arms to be covered. The solution is long sleeve scrubs which are tight around the arms as Medline makes, or providing underarmour long sleeve tops. These also solve the problem of male nurse's chest hair protruding from the top the of the scrubs. Scrub That Operating Room Jacket: Medline Introduces Industry’s First Long-Sleeved OR Scrub | Medline Industries, Inc.

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    Considering how many OR personnel reach over the field when opening supplies, wearing a jacket is probably the better evil.
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    I also agree, this was an odd decision by AORN. Moving an intubated patient, placing a foley,
    prepping a leg, and so much more can't be done without the jacket touching the bed or patient.
    I would need to exchange the jacket after each case.

    I've read that the cuffs of doctors lab coats were found to carry bacteria from one patient to another.
    Maybe someone should try culturing our jackets.
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    Jacket sleeves can be pushed up for prepping, and still hang down so far that the prepped area gets contaminated. I am not an advocate of jackets while prepping. I understand the dead skin side of the story, but my bare arms are not over the sterile field. If I'm scrubbing, my arms are covered.

    The AORN, and medline I believe, is now introducing a long-sleeve scrub that can be worn in the OR. (No, I'm not a rep, or have stock, etc, but I really do like the idea of those scrub tops for the circulators, over pushed up jacket sleeves.)
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    Ever think about taking off your jacket prior to doing thing around patients or washing your hands, etc... Kind of a no brainer don't you think?
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    So shedding a little hair and skin is better than shedding a lot? I guess so but taking the jacket off at your convenience does not adhere to AORN guidelines and defeats the purpose. The tight long sleeve shirt under scrubs that never needs to be pushed up while inside the operating room does seems like a better solution to me.
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