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  1. Hello every one

    I am a new grad and want to be in the OR. (Love it from the first OR rotation in nursing school) I know no body is hiring or even training new grad right now. So I wonder if I can shadow any OR nurse here? I was thinking of taking sur tech classes (to get into OR) but I can't since my BSN school will start soon before I finished with surg tech school. I bought Alex's book already!!

    I shadowed RN in a nursing home and knew it wasn't for me. I remembered crying on my first day as a CNA student. Felt so sad for those patients and it's even sadder that I didn't have time to talk to them (as a RN, even as a CNA too).

    Anyway, I am female, asian, and live in Hollywood. I contacted people in the field,....... nothing. So I try it here. Next would be craigslist. Thank you.
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  3. by   daVinciNurse
    try reaching out to someone through your local AORN Chapter. should have a chapter directory where you can find your nearest chapter and I would suggest joining the chapter (should be able to do the application on line) and getting involved! (AORN is the association of preoperative registered nurses). I know you said you are in Hollywood, but I don't know which one....I know of Hollywood, CA; Hollywood, FL; and Hollywood, MD. I'm sure there are others out there too!
  4. by   LovedRN
    Ohh Wow. Thank you. I didn't know about local AORN Chapter. But I was told I should be a member though. I am in Hollywood, CA. Sorry about that.
  5. by   msn2010
    Look into Peri-Op classes from community college. I am in a training program that ends in couple of mo and we had to take the Peri-Op class at College of Canyon (COC) once a week. Also, El Camino, Saddleback (in So OC) offers them as well.

    I would not rec you to take Surg Tech class. Why go backwards???
  6. by   LovedRN
    Thank you so much for the info. Colleges in LA don't have Peri-op class and I dont know where else to look. So I was looking into Surg tech class around here. COC isn't that far. Google map tells me is 30 mins away from my house.

    Can you tell me more about Peri-op class at COC? What you like and don't like about it. Thank you again.
  7. by   msn2010
    My work is hiring 6 OR trainees and start end of Jan or beginning Feb. Last year, we all gave feedback that the COC class was not needed if the trainees are required to take AORN's PeriOP 101 class. However, senior managers are requiring for them to take both AORN and 16wk classroom setting didactic.

    Last year, COC instructor told us that our class will be last PeriOp course due to budget cuts and things. Yet, my work educator told us that the next group must take classroom setting and they are "talking" to make it happen. So I am not sure where the new trainees will go to take the class.

    I personally did not like the class at COC since we were required to take the AORN course. I got paid to be there so that was the only positive thing. The weekly assignments were tedious since they were repeats. However, we had other nurses from pre-op, IR and floor taking the course. They appreciated much more than we did.

    In my personal opinion, taking CST course would not be beneficial unless you want to work as a CST than a RN in the OR. Also, those courses are very expensive. I know several people who were/are CST and became RN or working towards getting their RN degree. In addition, a lot of CST informed me that it was very hard for them to get their first job as well due to lack of experience.

    Good luck!
  8. by   idr0pped
    msn2010, are you from LAMC?
  9. by   LovedRN
    Budget cuts? Ohh no. I have been looking for this type of class and when I finally found one it won't be offer? I would love to know if COC doesn't offer this class where the new trainees go. I will be there for sure. Thanks for the info!!!