Setting Up an Operating Room

  1. hello, ive been practicing nursing for 4years now. 3 years in Med Surg Ward and 1 year in NICU so im all zero when it comes to Operating room. For now, my new hospital is just about to open and we are setting up the Operating Room. Can anyone help me how to start from scratches? what are the items that should be present in the pre-operative holding area, operating theatres, sterile supply department, and every other part of the operating room? thank you..
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  3. by   HollywoodDiva
    I suggest you get an OR nurse to set that room up because if you don't work in the OR you won't set it up right. Someone could give you a list but only OR nurse would know the flow of the absolute necessary items in the room.
  4. by   msmylanan
    for now, someone will come to set it up and i am waiting for his arrival. i just wanna have an idea what are the thing to anticipate in setting it up. just so i will not be like an innocent kid inside the or.
  5. by   mzmae
    At times, it is better to be like the innocent kid inside the OR. Yes, it's a bit embarassing at first but in the end they will commend you more for asking questions, regardless of how many you ask rather than opening, setting up a sterile room and contaminating instruments. Saves you the trouble of having to delay a case because something needed to be resterilized since it was the only last set of instruments left!!!

    By the way don't you have a Perioperative nurse educator to lead the way?
  6. by   mzmae
    At times, it is better to be like the innocent kid inside the OR when you are brand new.
  7. by   Ilovethe80s
    So, this is a new hospital starting to open an OR? Are there not any OR personnel assigned to help with this? If not, is there another hospital nearby that has an operating room w/ staff that could provide some direction? I think you are going to need some resources to help you with this b/c it sounds like a big undertaking.