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I am a RN student and I am pretty sure that I want to go into OR after I graduate and after some experience. My questions are: what is the difference between an OR nurse and a scrub nurse? Which have more or better job... Read More

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    This thread is over 12 years old, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response from these participants.

    FYI, the surg tech progam is not a single course that you can just take. It is an 8 month to 2 years (depending on school) professional program run by many community colleges. If you are interested in completing the course you can check with your local colleges to see if they have a program.

    Only you can decide if it is worth the expense of completing an additional professional educational program. If you had an internship and didn't complete it you have to ask yourself why it went wrong, and whether things have changed now so that you won't fail again.