Procedure Guidline

  1. Hello,buddy. do you have any instruction of procedure, like item list (instrument set, single used items, and single wrapped sterilized instrument, high value consumable), and or equipment distribution, doctors' preference, postion,antiseptic solution,and special things must focus on.
    because i doubt that we can remember everything that surgey need. if it is necessary to write it down. if you have , would you please send me a copy. i want it as a template. and i think it really necessary. no matter as guildline of your procedue, or as training newbies.

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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    These should be provided by the facility for which you work. They may be known as pick lists, preference cards, or many other names. The format varies from handwritten sheets of paper used over and over and over to individual papers printed for each individual surgery. Asking someone for their own will not help you in the least as what you need should be specific to the surgeons you work with.

    If you're looking for your own notes in addition to the lists available at the facility, I recommend purchasing a pocket sized notebook and dividing it into sections for each surgeon you work with. Then you can write any notes you need in their dedicated section. Although I no longer refer to it regularly, mine had things such as bovie settings, retractor preferences for unusual procedures, etc.