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Preparing for the CNOR

  1. 0 I have decided to study for the CNOR. Ive been in the OR now for 4 years. I have the CCI CNOR Exam Prep book along with Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery book. I'd like to hear from those of you who have passed the CNOR;
    what were your methods to prepare for the exam?
    What study aids did you use?
    How long did you prepare before taking the test?
    Any advice and suggestions are welcome!
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    Don't forget the Standards and Recommended Practices from AORN. Take a practice test to help identify your weaker areas, and then study extra for those. I actually used the prep course through AORN- 94% pass rate, money back if you fail, plus it's self paced. Here's the website: Prep for CNOR : Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
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    I used the CCI flash cards as well as the CCI app for iPhones. The app gives you about 120 questions based on the CNOR exam. It really was a great tool. I studied for a couple of weeks and did fine. Study the AORN standards as well, because those standards aren't necessarily what we practice on a daily basis. Good luck!
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    I am enrolled in the aorn Peri-op 101. Any new information about the exam?
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    I cannot get apps on my phone. Any hints?