Periop training new grad interview

  1. 0 I am a very new grad (December 16!) and I have an interview for a Perioperative training program next month. They use the Periop 101 program through AORN. It will be a panel interview of 5-6 people from different surgery departments and they are accepting a handful of trainees. The director told me to be familiar with the cirulating role and scrub role.

    The OR feels like HOME to me and I really want to do well, if there any suggestions or helpful hints that someone can offer it would be very welcome!!

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    Did you get the job? I'm still labeled as a new grad and recently interviewed for a periop101 at a top hospital in new York city. The nurse recruiter told me I am the only new grad they are interviewing! I already had my second interview which I think went well. The nurse educator told me I am very driven and seem to know what I want for someone so young which is rare. I am now waiting with baited breath for an offer. I don't think young and inexpierence necessarily means bad...... So did you get the job and curious as to where the hospital is located ?
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    Sorry, I hadn't looked at this in forever. I did not get in the peri-op program. I ended up getting a position on a med-surg floor. Would still LOVE to do surgical nursing, but trying to get the most out of my current job. How about you?

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