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Periop 101 exam

  1. 0 Hello out there,
    I need some help. I will be taking the periop 101 exam this weekend and would like to know how other people prepared for the test. I did all the modules about a month or so ago and haven't really had anytime to review them as i'm always busy in a room at work. PLease PLease help me if u have any comments.
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    How was the periop 101 exam? I just started the course. Any information would be appreciated!
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    So..I took and passed the periop 101 exam. Everyone in my class was a little freaked out, because what our instructor told us to study, and what was on the test were two different animals!
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    Even though you may be busy-you need to take a day to study over the modules and review.
    In our course we made a test of 100 questions that came from the modules for the nurses to review.
    They had the answers also so they could see the rationale.
    As a Periop 101 administrator, I know it is a lot of information, but you have to take the time to study-people have invested in you and you have invested the time, make it worth your while.
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    Just go over the modules, only. Don't add anything extra. The final exam is on the MODULES. I passed with an 82%
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    Hey, I am a new grad and looking for information on how to study for the final for the periop 101 program. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am going back through all the modules and redoing all the quizzes and rereading all the red words. I had heard that the format changed drastically in 2015, but I'm not sure if the way I am studying will still be fine or if I need to do more. Any help you can give would be great!!