Peri-OP 101 interview-help!

  1. Hi everyone. I have dreamed of becoming an OR nurse! I just today received a call from a Level 1 trauma hospital for an interview into their Peri-OP 101/OR training program. The interview is next week and I want to prepare. I'm a New Grad (passed my my boards in April), so this is not only my first job, it is also my DREAM JOB!!! Any suggestions on the possible questions I might be asked, would be sooooo helpful! This interview will be with the OR hiring manager. This site has helped me so much through nursing school, so I figured I would reach out and ask for help with this as well. Thank you everyone!!!!
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  3. by   SkipBeat
    I have recently interviewed with a level 1 trauma center for a perio-op 101 training program and got the job. They asked me some basic interview questions that most jobs will ask like tell me about your strengths and weaknesses, but they also asked me specifics about how I would handle situations of conflict in the OR with a sedated patient. I do believe what they are looking for in a candidate, because I actually asked this, is for someone who is confident, assertive, not afraid to speak up and actually have a good idea about what a circulator and scrub nurse do. They asked me that so have a solid foundation about what each role entails. Also, as an employer paying for you to train, they want to make sure the OR is what you want. My first question was tell me about yourself. I used that as an opportunity to tell them about my nursing experience and why I'm passionate about the OR. I even brought a little picture taken of me with an endoscope by a surgeon during nursing school as an example of one of the most exciting days in my journey to be a nurse. I think it also helps to be prepared. Look over the company's website and focus on what they post about their OR department, and the periop 101 program if available. If that information is readily available on the website it may look like you didn't do research if you asks questions already answered on there. Also, ask the right questions pertinent to the OR like being on call, types of procedures, if they require you to specialize in a surgery, and will you be able to learn to scrub and circulate. By the end of my first interview, the lady commented that she felt like she was being interviewed and rightly so because I'm interviewing her to make sure this is the right place for me. I asked about management styles and how they resolve conflict in that department. I also asked about the department goals. Anyway, to sum everything up, if you ask well thought out questions, show your passion for the OR, and show you've done your research on what an OR nurse does it goes a long way. I wish you well on your interview. I hoped this helped. Please update me on how well it goes. I'd love to compare notes with someone as they go through their first year of OR training.
  4. by   Kamilia2010
    Hope I am not too late. I have just interviewed with a level 1 trauma center for a perio-op 101 residency program and was asked back for the 2nd interview right after. You need to be prepared for the usual questions: How to deal with difficult patient/co-worker? Why you want to be an OR nurse? You strength and weakness. The most important thing is show your passion for OR nursing. And prepare a list of question to ask. Good luck.
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    Kamilia2010 and Skip Beat:

    Just wanted to thank you for your responses and apologize for not thanking you sooner!
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    Just wondering how the interview went.I'm applying for a similar program and wanted to thank all of you for some great interview tips!
  7. by   LovedRN
    I can't help you because I never got the interview but I want to wish you luck.