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OR orientation and contracts

  1. 0 Hi everyone-

    I am a new grad with almost 6 months of med-surg experience. I have an interest in the OR, but my experience in the OR so far has been limited to a 1 hour surgery I saw in nursing school. My hospital has a PONI program coming up, and I have contacted the OR nurse manager to set up a shadow day. The PONI sounds good- online class modules from the AORN cirriculum, 6 month orientation, etc. BUT, the hospital requires that you sign a 2 year contract if you are accepted into the PONI.
    Here is my dilemma, I think I would like the OR, but I am not sure that an 8-hour shadow day is really going to give me a full idea of the OR. What do you all think? I totally understand why the contract is required, I understand how expensive it is to train someone, but I'm kind of a committment phobe. Here is why I think I would like the OR:
    -the 1:1 patient ratio
    -I'm a detail person, something that the floor doesn't allow the luxury of -paying attention to detail..
    -I like the immediacy of the OR, the idea of a person coming in and leaving- not the days and days you take care of someone on the floor.
    -I like that you are surrounded by others in the case that something goes wrong.

    Are these good thoughts for the OR or am I kidding myself? Is a two-year contract the norm for PONI programs?

    Thanks for any info/advice.
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    Hi there,
    I just started a similar internship in the OR with 6 months training and a 2 year contract (2 1/2 years considering orientation isn't counted). I'm really happy so far with the level of material that we are being taught. I have heard many good things about this program and that the nurses really felt proficient when it was completed. I haven't done med surg as a graduate so I really couldn't compare. I love the atmosphere in the OR...people work well together and there are so different clusters that we can specialize in. I haven't started rotating yet but it's nice to be able to see the positives of each area. When I took the job I had only seen 1 surgery on my interview. I just thought that this is a great area where nurses work there for a long time b/c they are happier and less stressed than floor nurses. I'm more comfortable with each surgery and actually know what is going on in the rooms now. I would totally recommend it if you are interested in surgery and being able to focus on 1 pt at a time.
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    I was able to do my shadow day and I really liked it. I am excited about applying for the OR.....wish me luck!
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    Good Luck! :spin: