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  1. i love to read books about experiences of working in health care field. i am looking for any book that involves or.

    -i had read "operating room confidential" by paul whang, md. this book is about or from anest's point of view. i like it so much that i brought one for my friend who is dreaming to become a crna.

    -"o.r.: the true story of 24 hours in a hospital operating room" by b.d. d. colen. there are interesting stories in this book but over all this is a boring book, in my opinion.

    -[color=#004b91]michael j. collins md's books are good ones too.

    -"confessions of a surgeon: the good, the bad, and the complicated...life behind the o.r. doors" by [color=#004b91]paul a. ruggieri m.d. ...not so much.

    i can't list all books i had read. i wonder if anyone know any good book. i would really appreciate if you let me know. thank you.
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  3. by   Lorodz
    thank you for sharing. Have you tried searching online for nurses who blogs? I was looking for one the other day but I havent found a nurse specifically blogging for the operating room environment.
  4. by   LovedRN
    I used to read one but it's more about teaching than about the OR environment. I can't find that blog any more.

    What I usually do is to go back and read all threads in "operating room nursing" here.

    I have an idea. When I become an OR nurse, I would write a book about my experience and sell it. I wonder if any one would buy it. Ha Ha Ha.